17 November 2022, 11:03 AM
Bluemin White

Made by Shepherds Purse Cheese in North Yorkshire, Bluemin White was the first cheese developed by second generation cheesemaker Katie Matten (nee Bell) and among its many accolades it has won a three-star Great Taste Award, Super Golds and Golds at the World Cheese Awards, and Golds at British Cheese Awards. Bluemin White is a rich and creamy blue mould ripened cheese. Described sometimes as “blue Brie-style cheese” this doesn’t quite do this little gem justice. The cheese is made in small batches and matured in Shepherds Purse’s unique ripening stores, it develops a velvety blue rind and as it ripens gently from the outside in, it develops earthy, mushroom and eventually nutty notes.