04 May 2021, 13:00 pm
Speciality Bites by Paul Hargreaves

Returning to a familiar theme again this week, and how could I not with my new book about good leadership being published on Thursday 6th. More later on that.

We have been conducting many interviews recently for positions at Flourish – our new food hall and restaurant opening in late June. Most positions are more in the foodservice area as this will be the main feature of Flourish, and I have been absolutely gobsmacked by the stories from the interviewees from their previous or current places of work. Stories of redundancies by text, people being put on furlough and then zero communication from those in the business not on furlough. Stories of responsibility being taken away and disempowerment rather than delegation and empowerment. Stories of the owners of businesses clearly only interested in profit at all costs with no care for the people who help make that profit… and the list goes on.

I did wonder last year after I had written the text for The Fourth Bottom Line but before the editing process whether I had missed the moment, as in 2020 there genuinely seemed to be more compassion and care around in the world at the peak of Covid, but it seems I was only seeing the world from the bubble that is the B Corp community and my close friends who are also CEOs. I now believe this book is timed perfectly as we come out of lockdown.  Many people have left their jobs within the last year due to being sick of the toxic culture there. People are desperate to work for places with better leadership. Good-hearted workers have had enough of the self-serving leadership of the past and are looking for something new.

The Fourth Bottom Line is a 50-day course to help us become more compassionate leaders.  Each day takes a different characteristic of good leadership, e.g. servant-like, humble, loving, empathetic, and 46 more.  There are quotes for reflection, stories and then 3 action points each day to help us become a little better in our leadership or indeed humanity that day. The Fourth Bottom Line is available from all online booksellers in paperback and e-book format – here is a link. And there are a few tickets left for the launch on Wednesday evening at 6pm here.

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