03 August 2020, 08:35 am
Speciality Bites by Paul Hargreaves

Continuing my series on characteristics of good leadership there has been a lot of talk about one of my Top 50 during the pandemic, and that is ‘resilience’.

I have listened to podcasts on resilience, read articles on resilience and even seen courses advertised on building resilience.  But can we really learn the essence of resilience on a course?  I think not.  Yes, we can certainly learn some tips on how to get through tough times, but true resilience comes through going through ‘stuff’ and coming out the other side with more character and grit ready for the next tough time.

I know through going through difficulties, failures, relationship breakdowns and the like, which are always absolutely horrible times, positives have always come.  I guess one key of whether resilience is there is our reaction to those difficult times.  It’s not that the pain isn’t there, or the desperation or the tears, but a sense of knowing that we will come out the other side stronger.  How many of us feel that right now during this never-ending pandemic?  An old, dear, and very wise friend of mine once told me that, “The school colours of the university of life are black and blue.”  In other words we graduate in life through the tough and difficult times.

Through my own personal stuff and difficulties we have had as a business in the past, there are a few helps I will pass on to help us in difficult times.

1. Having a strong sense of purpose in life and business is massively helpful and keeps us pushing on through troubles.
2. Being part of a community of friends and supporters will also give us the fortitude to come through the other side. Don’t neglect your relationships with others as you may be rushing around like a headless chicken
3. Finally, and probably most importantly, learn to step back from the crisis and reflect and gain a sense of non-attachment to it.  The difficulty or problem doesn’t define us, we are not identified by what we do but who we are.  Stay thankful for what we have.

Have a good week and stay safe.

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