22 May 2009, 12:13 PM
  • Diagnosed with Chrohn’s Disease in 2005, Chris Thompson embarked on a radical diet change before using his newfound knowledge to start his own speciality food business, Seed Stacked, three years later.

“I lost four stone in the first six months and really needed to look after myself. Discovering the ant-inflamatory properties of seeds, I started researching about their other nutritious benefits,” says Mr Thompson.

Placed in remission in February 2008, he won a national pitch competition to gain the funding needed to launch the company in April 2008. Within six months Mr Thompson had secured an order to produce 74,000 seed-filled, flapjack bars.

Now one-year into the business, Mr Thompson has contracts with 200 independent health food stores, scheduled meetings with other potential outlets, and a new range of yoghurt and carob topped bars, which will be ready for retailers this July.

“There are a million and one reasons why seeds should be included as part of a daily diet and I just want to get that information out there,” concludes Mr Thompson.