26 December 2016, 09:39 AM
  • In addition to giving taste buds a work out, some spices also contain myriad healthy properties
4 Spices with Health Benefits

Arun Kapil, the founder of Ireland-based spice company Green Saffron and author of Fresh Spice: Vibrant Recipes for Bringing Flavour, Depth and Colour to Home Cooking, walks us through some of the health benefits associated with common spices found in Asian dishes.

This yellow coloured root is known in Eastern spirituality as the purifier of the body and soul. Nowadays, it is said to have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antacid properties. Indian kitchens will often have turmeric close at hand, ready to dab onto burns to calm redness and ease pain.

These spices are often used as antiseptics and applied topically or digested.

This lesser known spice is now gaining in popularity and has excellent anti-flatulence properties. Indeed, many Punjabi lentil dishes incorporate this not only for the wonderful garlic and onion flavours but also for its ability to help in the digestion of starchy, fibrous lentils.

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