5 Ways to Sell More Cheese

19 November 2015, 10:16 AM
  • We're all here to sell more cheese. Her are five ways to increase your turnover
5 Ways to Sell More Cheese

1. Clear labelling with type, milk, provenance, taste note and price will mean people know what they are buying

2. Have a different cheese out on taste each week, offer signed information about it and be prepared to talk about the cheese.

3. Have a basket of wrapped and priced cheese pieces. These appeal to those who like to know what they get for their money and can use up smaller cuts of cheese, too.

4. Staff train until your staff not only know the facts about a cheese but can confidently describe its taste. Enthuse about it with them and they will enthuse with your customers.

5. Know your customers and cater for local tastes. Be the place people come to buy superior versions of the cheeses they love. Promote artisan local regionals and farmhouse Cheddars

Image courtesy of Fine Cheese Co.

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