6 Last Minute Christmas Tips

17 November 2015, 10:16 AM
  • Now is the time to move Christmas preparations up a gear, and attend to the smaller details too. Here are five useful tips to help you do just that
6 Last Minute Christmas Tips

1 Promote like mad as Christmas approaches, Use street signage, window displays, flyers or social media to get out the message that you are the answer to the perennial question of where to go for a last-minute original and acceptable present.

2 Make the most of packaging. Quality items in festive packaging make popular gifts. Add seasonal sparkle to shelf stock by boxing assortments with Christmas sprigs and ribbons.

3 Hampers. Always popular, hampers add a touch of class and can sell local or luxury produce. Offer customers a menu of themed possibilities, including the DIY option.

4 Think stocking fillers. Look out for those items which can be counter-sold as grab and go last-minute stocking fillers: bagged snacks, chocolate novelties, unusual confectionery etc.

5 Bring Christmas to your customers. Evening tastings with alcohol promoting seasonal cheeses, cakes and panettones or a varied selection of your Christmas foods will not only sell the products but promote conviviality and perhaps bring you regular custom. Make this an annual event. 

6 Bear in mind that Christmas-branded products have a shelf life, and as of Boxing Day will lose their appeal. Lean towards less specifically-packaged items in order to continue sales of wintry products into the new year.

Image courtesy of Partridges

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