17 June 2015, 14:37 PM
  • Yorkshire-based independent Fodder has brought back to life an original 1960s Airstream in order to offer its customers food on the go
Fodder Enters ‘On the Hoof’ Retail Market

The new addition to Fodder’s retail portfolio aims to make the most of the change in people’s eating habits, which increasingly include eating on the run and grazing, and has been named Fodder on the Hoof.

Fodder chefs will be serving a frequently changing menu of regional produce, including bacon and sausage sandwiches, chicken and vegetable burgers, hot dogs and Caesar salads. In line with the vehicle’s American heritage, Fodder on the Hoof will also be selling milkshakes made from Yorkshire milk and ice cream.

Heather Parry, managing director of Fodder said, “Fodder’s success in the first few years has been remarkable and proves how many people actively chose to support our local farmers and eat quality, local produce.

“Fodder on the Hoof will cater for the current surge of grazing and eating on the run. It will be open all day with a varied seasonal menu. It is a nice add on; once customers have done their shopping they can have a tasty coffee or bacon sandwich on the way out – making shopping an even tastier experience than before!”

Image: Raymond Twiddle, Chairman of Yorkshire Event Centre Ltd officially opens the Fodder Airstream, accompanied by Emma Lund and Mehdi Boukemach as Tibor Fodor-Nagy and Cicero

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