How To ‘Keep It In the Community’

12 January 2016, 11:38 AM
  • Local food and drink website has launched its second annual Make One Change campaign with the aim of encouraging consumers to shop closer to home
How To ‘Keep It In the Community’

The campaign’s strapline, ‘Keep It In the Community’, promotes local shops and food producers as well as offering consumers the chance to sell their homegrown crops through local retailers in order to support the British food sector.

Founder of, Anthony Davison, has set up a local food hub in his local village of Alconbury and introduced his nearby corner shop to take part in Crop for the Shop – an initiative which sees local farmers selling their excess produce to local small retailers in order to avoid wastage.

Anthony Davison, founder of BigBarn said, “The aim of Make One Change is to engage with consumers and get them thinking differently about the way they shop for food. For delis and farm shops this means the chance to attract a whole new audience of shoppers during the campaign in May.

“Delis have the opportunity to offer promotional offers to attract new customers and highlight their participation. They can display the logo, mention the campaign online and in-store tell their customers to Make One Change. This year’s campaign is focused on keeping shopping in the community, so it’s a great time to engage with new local customers.”

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