06 March 2017, 11:30 AM
  • The Fine Food Angel is a web-based platform which enables delis and farm shop retailers to discover and order direct from food producers across the UK
New Fine Food Ordering Service Launches

David Mack, founder of the service, states that retailers can gain the advantages of direct supply with producers, as it “cuts out the middleman” and avoids the “ordering, accounting and administration workload normally associated with having lots of direct suppliers”. The service leaves retailers with one invoice to pay, rather than receiving numerous copies from different producers.

The Fine Food Angel is free to use for retailers, while the system has been developed to operate on a 2% micro-margin for producers, to help them “earn a fair profit whilst simultaneously enabling them to target attractive trade pricing with the view to helping retailers set competitive retail prices.”

David said, “Retailers are attracted to The Fine Food Angel because of our unique ‘micro-margin’ model enables producers to set attractive trade pricing and also gives them access to lots of producers who, for cost reasons, simply cannot go via the large wholesalers.”

David founded the business with his wife Emma, who runs cereal company Purple Patch, as they wanted to sell directly to retailers to target more attractive trade prices.

The company has registered around 15 retailers and close to 50 producers since a month-long soft launch in late-January.

Aly Johnson, co-founder of gluten-free pudding company Fools & Queens said, “The Fine Food Angel are disrupting the Fine Food distribution world with a storm. They are giving the power back to producers and we are relishing it. We are so excited to start their journey with them.”