02 February 2007, 14:40 PM
  • With varying tastes and allergy concerns, many customers reject muesli because of the ingredients it contains. However, Longborough Farm Shop has found a solution to this problem.

Based in Gloucestershire, Longborough Farm Shop has introduced a muesli bar, allowing customers to create their own mix of cereal, fruit and nuts.

The shop’s new muesli bar has 30 ingredients to choose from, and is perfect for those customers who don’t like the pre-packed versions. It is also an interesting and innovative addition to the store.

Shop manager, Emma Kerby, said, “Many people don’t like raisins, or dried bananas. With this bar, you can put in exactly what you like - prunes, cranberries, pumpkin seeds for instance. It’s good value for money, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”