12 May 2009, 13:55 PM
  • Retailers will be looking to capitalise on the 86% of UK consumers who regularly eat vegetarian dishes, by taking advantage of the nationwide publicity surrounding National Vegetarian Week (NVW), starting next Monday.

Most of our focus is on indulgent meat options so NVW is definitely an opportunity to promote the fact that we also have some really unusual vegetarian options,” says Patrick Serrell, owner of The Kilted Frog Deli, Aberdeen. “We make a black olive paté with chocolate and another with tofu which add a bit of interest,” he explains.

With the introduction of new summer menus which focus on salads and other vegetarian options, NVW is a chance to continue the marketing momentum. “Last week we introduced haloumi kebabs, and spinach bhajis, so next week could be a could opportunity to promote our newly extended range,” says Theresa Matthews, manager of the Olive Tree Deli, Warwickshire. “We make vegetarian quiches, cheese and onion pasties and are often asked for roasted vegetables as a healthy sandwich filler. Quite a high percentage of our customers are vegetarians, but it would be nice to think that next week will attract a few more people into the store,” she adds.

The campaign will run from 18th to 24th May and aims to promote inspirational vegetarian food. The event has been developing ever since it was first celebrated by the Vegetarian Society in 1992 and is now an established event in the food industry’s calendar. Small businesses, big corporations, schools, community groups and individuals are all involved.

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