07 February 2017, 06:37 AM
  • The Selfridges Foodhall's Thoughtful Foodie campaign focuses on how food choices affect the environment
Selfridges Rolls Out Thoughtful Foodie Campaign

Running until the end of March, the conscious eating theme is divided into five key sections in the retailer’s food halls in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The sections are Free From and Flavoursome; Health; Organic; Plant-based and Wasted.

The campaign is aimed at a consumer the retailer describes as the ‘Thoughtful Foodie’. This target customer eschews plastic packaged products, meat and questions food waste and “considers the effect of mass-produced whilst positively seeking sustainable food sources,” says Selfridges.

As well as customers finding food and drink products that represent these key values, shoppers can find a variety of pop-up food bars at the Oxford Street branch. Amongst the resident eateries is a Hemsley + Hemsley Good to Go lunch bar and a dedicated Toast Bar by Pip & Nut, which Selfridges states is the world’s fist nut butter bar.

Edward Goodman, director of Selfridges Foodhall said, “More and more, consumers are questioning not only where their food comes from, but what impact their food choices make on the environment. We’ve therefore created a campaign that explores ways of eating better based on making small changes. Whether that’s eating less meat and trying vegan alternatives, going organic or selecting products that make the most of surplus fruit and vegetables.”

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