Five ways cheesemongers can upskill in 2022

18 July 2022, 09:15 AM
  • As we hit the mid-point of 2022, Speciality Food offers five key methods indie cheesemongers can use to upskill their businesses this year

Five ways cheesemongers can upskill in 2022

1 Selling cheese alfresco
Warmer weather brings new opportunities to take your cheese offerings outside and cash in on picnic and BBQ trade. These communal occasions can be the perfect upsell for top-quality artisan cheeses that help make moments together special, so it’s worth investing time into it.

Find out how to sell cheese for outdoor eating here.

2 Building relationships with customers
An important factor for success as an independent is to build solid relationships with your customers so that they become regulars and make repeat purchases again and again. We spoke to three cheese experts to find out how they interact with their customers to build positive relationships.

Read their top tips here.

3 Promoting cheese
For cheesemongers and delis navigating a post-covid world, it can be difficult to figure out the best ways of promoting cheese to existing customers and prospective buyers. Speciality Food spoke to two industry experts who revealed their top three ways of marketing and promoting cheese.

Find out how they promote cheese here.

4 Digital upskilling
For cheesemongers and delis, digital platforms offer opportunities to reach new markets, tap into an ever-growing customer base and engage with shoppers to encourage repeat sales. If you’ve yet to take advantage of this growing market, there’s no time like the present. 

Discover four tips from industry professionals who have paved the way here.

5 Inspiring staff
When was the last time you checked in with your staff? Whether you have just one part-timer or a bustling staff room, ensuring they are happy and fulfilled in their roles is key to running a successful shop. As staff shortages affect all areas of retail, there are cheese-loving foodies out there waiting to be found, but while the search continues, keeping your existing staff satisfied over the coming months will be key to maintaining your business’s high standards in 2022.

Find out how to keep your staff inspired here.

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