Inspirational Cheese Retailers 2024: The Hartington Cheese Shop

18 April 2024, 15:00 PM
  • Inspirational Cheese Retailers is back for 2024 - celebrating some of Britain's finest cheese retailing specialists. Including The Hartington Cheese Shop - Heritage Icon
Inspirational Cheese Retailers 2024: The Hartington Cheese Shop

Taking on an established cheese-selling business has its pros and cons, but current owners of The Old Cheese Shop in Hartington, Derbyshire, have proven themselves to be more than up to the challenge. After over 50 years servicing the local community, the shop has grown from an outlet selling Stilton made in the factory nearby to a shop selling a selection of British cheeses and accompaniments. “Our family took on the business in June 2020,” begins Amanda Roberts, owner, “and all members of the family are involved, including my parents who tend to the beautiful picnic garden attached to the shop.”

The village of Hartington has been associated with cheese production since the 1870s, and this long heritage has led to it becoming one of the foremost destinations for cheese lovers from around the world. “The cheese shop has been open for so long that it has become iconic,” says Amanda, “and we have visitors from all over the world saying they have heard about us and just had to visit. We must be one of the most photographed shops in Derbyshire, and we have families that have been visiting us for generations coming on what they call their ‘cheese pilgrimage’.”

Understandably, the customer base at Hartington Cheeses is excitingly diverse. “We have a varied spread of customers,” says Amanda. “Tourists and holiday makers who see that we are on the ‘things to do’ list when visiting the Peak District, and cheese connoisseurs seeking out locally-produced artisan cheese – but we are not just a holiday attraction and have a loyal following of regular customers in-store as well as online from all over the UK.”

Fittingly for such a historical business, the team doesn’t cut corners when it comes to customer satisfaction. “We pride ourselves on offering a good old fashioned family service. We are small and independent and everything is bespoke, allowing us where possible to cater for every customer’s individual needs – from disabled access into the shop to making sure the wedding cake arrives on time, and everything in between!”

Modernising an icon

Amanda and her family have successfully brought this heritage business into the twenty-first century. “The shop has gone from strength to strength since our family took over the business almost four years ago. The building has been extended and updated, and we dragged the decor out of the 1980s and gave it a contemporary look whilst keeping the traditional theme. We are now so proud of our beautiful shop and gorgeous garden.” Of course, such triumphs do not come without the hard graft of a dedicated team. “We have a great team around us that all pull together to make the shop the great success that it is – we are proud of each and every one of them.” 

Offering a personal touch has also provided customers with a new, modern proposition. “Our cheese celebration and wedding cakes continue to become more popular year after year,” says Amanda, “and due to our personal bespoke service, customers can visit the shop and we can work closely together to create their perfect cake. Chris and I love feeling that we have contributed in some way to make the day extra special.”

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