The drink trend consumers are loving in 2021

10 August 2021, 10:02 AM
  • From rosé to infused vodka, cheerful pink alcoholic drinks are in high demand from consumers post-lockdown
The drink trend consumers are loving in 2021

This year’s hottest drinks have one thing in common, according to Sainsbury’s Drinks Dispatch 2.0 report: they’re all pink.

Sales of pink Champagne were up 188% in the year to June 2021, while sparkling rosé sales increased by 38%, the report found. Waitrose recorded similar figures at its stores, with sales of pink Prosecco rising 69% in the eight weeks to 22nd June, while Champagne rosé and sparkling rosé also soared.

Rosé without the fizz also went down well. Sainsbury’s rosé wine sales grew 26% over the period compared to increases of 15% from red wine and 12% from white wine. At Waitrose, sales of rosé wine were up 45% in the four weeks to 22nd June.

Feel-good factor
It’s no surprise that pink drinks, which were found to be most commonly associated with happy occasions such as BBQs, holidays and birthdays, were in high demand from consumers who are celebrating post-lockdown life.

“One of the easiest ways to create a party atmosphere is through bright, fun, joyful colours, and there is definitely an eagerness to immerse ourselves in the next feel-good experience,” said Karen Haller, behavioural colour and design psychology expert, in Sainsbury’s report.

Wine expert Aleesha Hansel added that following a tough time during the pandemic, consumers are reemerging ready to celebrate. “There’s definitely potential for the jubilance of the roaring 20s to be reimagined in 2021 and we’ll see classic celebratory drinks flow – but with a pink twist,” she said. “Pink Prosecco has gained popularity and rejuvenated the category at the perfect time – the flavour profile is impressive, and when it comes to celebrating, pink bubbly is the ultimate happy drink.”

There are numerous independent brands that are jumping on the rosé trend – both sparkling and not – from Van Hunks’ Brut Rosé Sparkling Mead to Langham Wine Estate’s English Rosé, which was awarded gold at the 2021 International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Beer, cider and spirits
It’s not only bubbly; cider and beer are also being tickled pink. Sainsbury’s said a pink-hued sour beer soared 237% year-on-year, and blush cider sales were up 49%, well outpacing the growth of the total cider category, which was up 7%.

“We are definitely seeing a growing appetite for blush cider with our customers – while the trend itself is still fairly new, it’s one that has real potential to take off,” said Louise Lynch, product development manager of beers, wines and spirits at Sainsbury’s.

Infused spirits are another area ready to take on the pink drink trend. Pink gins, such as Victory Distillery’s Pink Gin have been beloved by Millennials, but Generation Z is preferring pink vodka, with 56% of Gen Z saying it’s their favourite style.

Beverages go bolder
Behavioural psychology expert Karen believes that once the pink trend reaches its peak, it will lead to demand for even bolder colours. “There could be potential for those who want more energy from their pink to move on from the soft, millennial pink to a much brighter hue in the near future.” Pink gin pioneer Pinkster is certainly embracing this trend with its raspberry and orange-hued tipples.

Brightly coloured aperitifs were also a hit at Waitrose over the summer. Sales of vivid orange Aperol were up 148% compared to last year, while ruby red Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif was up a staggering 4,850%. Classic Pimms, meanwhile, rose 105%, and sales of brilliant red Cocchi Rosa Aperitif grew 35%. While the beverage of choice changes, one thing is clear: the pink drink trend is certainly one that retailers should keep an eye on.

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