Three unique cheese pairings to tempt your fine food customers

03 July 2023, 08:26 AM
  • Three cheese retailers share their naughty and nice pairings for cheese with Speciality Food readers
Three unique cheese pairings to tempt your fine food customers

Stephen Barney, owner of The Cheesery
We were introduced to Manchego, anchovy and honey by a Spanish friend. Yep, we thought it would be horrible too but it’s actually amazing! We also recently made a sauce with Gjetost and double cream - it’s phenomenal with all manner of desserts.

Jordan Thomson, owner of Love Cheese
We recently joined the York chocolate trail, which caused a great deal of confusion as to why a cheese shop would be involved. But once people got to Love Cheese they got to discover that Delice de Bourgogne with Colombian Dark Chocolate from York Cocoa Works worked surprisingly well. And another favourite from our Halloween themed “Ghoulish Spirits with Cheese” virtual tasting was Wyngaard Goat Gouda with Yorkshire Rhubarb Tequila.

Simon Warren, owner of The East Street Deli
One of this years most popular products to hit our shelves at The East Street Deli has been WilderBehot honey and we’d recommend this with virtually any cheese.  We can’t get enough of it drizzled over some melted Kaltbach on a muffin for a little snack.

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