24 July 2019, 13:13 PM
  • With tips and advice from leading packaging manufacturer, Saxon Packaging
How to get your Christmas packaging right

With competition for commercial shelf space at an all-time high, for this festive season it is imperative for businesses today to make sure that their product stands out from the competition and resonates with the consumer. This can be achieved with high quality print and bespoke packaging design and a sustainable packaging material. As well as eye-catching and visually disruptive designed packaging, textured print finishes can add touch and feel sensations that help deliver a memorable experience to the consumer, encouraging repeat purchase.

At Saxon Packaging, we offer high quality packaging solutions for the beer, wine, spirits and food industries, which include luxury gift packaging, shelf-ready packaging (SRP), subscription and mail-order packaging as well as other standard FEFCO packaging designs. In line with the growing consumer concerns on the environment and a global drive toward using sustainable packaging, our experienced inhouse design team are able to offer businesses the opportunity to create environmentally friendly packaging solutions for their products for both new and existing non-corrugated designs.

All our corrugated packaging material is:
● 100% recyclable
● Sustainable
● Obtained from responsible (FSC) sources

Our top three tips for Christmas Packaging:

1. Plan Ahead – Start your processes early enough to ensure that your product packaging meets expectations and that it arrives with plenty of time, to enable you to package your goods and be delivered to your customers in time for the festive season.

2. Protect Your Products – Whether your products are transported via your own vehicle, courier or bulk palletised, consideration must be given to how the outer packaging will perform under varying conditions whilst keeping your newly-packaged festive products safe from damage and arriving at the destination in the same condition as they were when they left. This can be achieved with correct material use and sustainable bespoke internal fittings.

3. Promote Yourself – After investing all the time and effort into producing the best product and marketing it to your customers, you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle by missing out on opportunities. Consumers want to buy into values, not just make a purchase, and products need to reflect their branding in order to create positive experiences with your customers. With a variety of print processes, print finishes, bespoke packaging design and sustainable material you can ensure that your packaging reflects who you are as a brand and that it stands out from the competition. Even transit packaging – once purely functional – has become a way to reinforce branding and influence purchasing decisions.

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