Which drinks will sell well this season?

11 October 2021, 07:45 AM
  • Jen Baernreuther, commercial director at the Speciality Drinks Group, explores the latest trends on the drinks scene
Which drinks will sell well this season?

For the serious spirits drinker we expect to see an increase in high-end rum sales alongside the usual Scotch and Cognac sales. There is an increase in single cask, cask strength and rare expressions on the market and these can act as a great first step into drinking neat spirits or digestifs but are also complex enough for the spirits aficionado. Drinks like the Negroni have seen huge success over the last few years; as more people are drinking at home they will continue to be a great serve for entertaining: easy to prepare, sophisticated flavours that can easily be turned into a more festive drink.

No and low continues to gain momentum. Whilst traditionally people tend to drink more at Christmas, the launch of so many good low and no products will help promote balance and moderation whilst still creating a sense of occasion. We are also seeing increase in premiumisation; people are drinking less but better quality. Customers will be ready to celebrate with loved ones and that means Champagne, so we’re expecting sales of Champagne to be high this festive season but with more of a focus on high quality, interesting wines from small growers and vintage Champagnes rather than the usual suspects.

What does ‘indulgence’ look like in December ‘21? Exclusive Spirits (single casks, big age statements); Luxury Tequila; Cocktail Subscriptions; Large-format Champagne, independent, sustainable and hand-crafted products. New ready-to-drink products for easy entertaining and experiential gifts will be wowing consumers this Christmas.

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