How high streets are becoming more sustainable

27 January 2022, 07:15 AM
  • A new scheme to help small and independent businesses go green is kicking off as shifts in consumer habits become impossible to ignore
How high streets are becoming more sustainable

Ready to start making sustainable changes to your business but not sure where to start? Many independent businesses are in the same boat, but a newly launched pilot scheme is aiming to turn the tide on sustainability in small businesses by providing advice and tips on how to run an eco-friendly business.

The scheme, which is run by Green Street, an initiative with funding from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, will select 30 retail and hospitality businesses to take part in its pilot in Bradford. Following this, there are plans to roll out further Green Street schemes across the UK.

Bradford retailer and businesswoman Victoria Robertshaw, who is leading the pilot scheme, said making sustainable changes not only helps the environment but can positively influence shopping behaviour and impact retailers’ bottom lines. “It’s all about supporting those businesses and enabling them to work together to achieve more by becoming greener,” she said.

Consumers want to support eco businesses

Changing shopping habits mean that eco-retailers will be rewarded with loyal customers. “More and more consumers want to become greener and embrace lifestyle changes, and they’re looking for businesses that will help them make the transition,” Victoria continued. “We also believe that by being more sustainable, it will help Green Street businesses cut costs, reduce waste, increase sales, as well as help the planet.”

The retailers involved will undertake a free sustainability review identifying quick wins, cost savings and other innovations that would improve the sustainability credentials of their business.

They will also have unlimited and free access to digital tools to help them understand, learn and reach new customers who also want to lead more sustainable lifestyles, plus the chance to attend free workshops run by some of the UK’s largest and most successful retailers.

“City centres can be very harsh places but they don’t have to be, and something like this could make a real difference where we build a community that people want to visit and shop in,” said Ursula Sutcliffe, owner of Plant One On Me, one of the businesses taking part in the scheme.

Image courtesy of Plant One On Me

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