How to identify your consumer and keep them loyal in 2020

21 July 2020, 08:00 AM
  • Jess Latimer, co-founder of The Grocery List offers a few tips on the subject
How to identify your consumer and keep them loyal in 2020

Consumers are fickle beings, and unless you’re one of the global mega brands, attracting and retaining consumers must be your top priority. From knowing your USPs to keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest trends, here are the three most common consumers, and most importantly how to reach them.

But first, know what sets you apart
First is to understand what attracts your customers to your business in the first place. What is it about what you do and how you do it that sets it above your competitors? Whatever it was that initially wooed your consumers will keep them coming back for more as people want to engage with businesses they can relate to, feel understood by and who they generate personal connections with.

Once you’ve identified your USP, it’s far easier to build a customer base and to keep it loyal. Your consumer could be motivated by price, quality, sustainability or locality and its crucial to know how to attract them. Much like job-hunting: a scattergun approach rarely delivers the goods. Targeting is key. You have to identify who your customer is and the reason why they buy. Do your research and find out who is the decision maker.

So, who are you talking to?

The locally minded
Competing with superstores and chain businesses has long been an immense challenge for small / local businesses. With the rise of the “buy local” movement, these consumers are more and more interested in seeking out local businesses to support to reinvest in their community and ensure its longevity. The key here is visibility. Attend events (either physically or via sponsorship) that are key to the local economy such as food festivals and markets. Online only? A successful blog is a great way to reach these consumers and keep them up to date. A loyalty program can be a great way to retain them. You can offer different levels of discounts or rewards, depending on how much your customers spend with you and even partner up with other local businesses.

The price savvy
During COVID-19 there has been a sharp increase in price conscious consumers and brand loyalty has taken a significant hit. These consumers are now more discerning about getting the greatest value or a superior experience for their money, which in some cases leads them away from favourite brands to lower-priced items. Whilst competing on price alone is a risky strategy in today’s highly competitive market, a great solution can be strategizing beyond price. Most people don’t typically purchase on price alone, other considerations such as quality and brand reputation are also weighed up. Building direct relationships with consumers is crucial here and connecting through email marketing and investing in top content to communicate not only price savings but your other USPs can be a hugely successful strategy.

The conscious consumer
This emerging new breed of shopper is conscious, conscientious, and knowledgeable when it comes to what they purchase. Their consumption habits are guided by how a product was made, who made it and where it was sourced. Conscious consumers are choosing to support businesses that align with their values be they: lower carbon footprints, excellent animal welfare credentials, less chemical processing, unnecessary product packaging etc. If this sounds like something you offer, scream your credentials from the roof tops in your marketing. Remember, authenticity is paramount, honesty around measures you’re taking to better your practices when it comes to your eco and sustainable credentials is absolutely crucial. Presenting yourself as the answer to these sustainably minded consumers needs is the key to ensuring they come back time and again.

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