How to promote sales on Burns Night with Rory Mellis, I.J. Mellis

17 January 2023, 14:56 PM
  • Not sure how to do Burns Night right at your independent store? Rory Mellis, director of I.J. Mellis, shares his top tips
How to promote sales on Burns Night with Rory Mellis, I.J. Mellis

How are you celebrating Burns Night at I.J. Mellis? 
As a Scottish company, we are always championing Scottish producers and Scottish cheese, but throughout the month of January, we take extra effort to highlight as many producers as possible. 

We’re looking to put the word out to our trade and retail customers and raise awareness on producers that have been making traditional cheeses for many years, and those who are new to the industry and innovating Scottish cheese. Every year, we host a special Burns Night cheese tasting - on Burns Night of course - and our stores will focus more on promoting Scottish cheeses. 

How are independent fine food retailers well-placed to offer something special for Burns Night? 
Independent businesses rely heavily on supplier relationships. Throughout the year we’re constantly communicating with cheesemakers to share updates and discuss stock. We also use this time to catch up – there are extraordinary people behind the products we stock, with stories worth telling. 

This is what we believe sets independent businesses apart from big-scale producers. Scotland has a rich history of land and agriculture, and Burns Night is an opportunity to highlight these stories.

How can non-Scottish indies get involved in Burns Night and encourage their customers to try Scottish fare? 
Scottish produce is often overlooked. The solution is simple – independent businesses should buy Scottish cheese! Burns Night is a great opportunity to integrate Scottish cheese into their range, but it should be an impetus to continue stocking Scottish produce throughout the year. 

There’s no better way to get involved in Burns Night than to jump in and try Scottish produce. We’re here as a resource for anyone getting their start – we’re happy to recommend great Scottish cheese and talk about what sets it apart.

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