Meet ICR 2023’s pairing master: Knowles Green

03 May 2023, 07:05 AM
  • Cheshire's Knowles Green has been named 'Pairing Master' in the 2023 edition of Inspirational Cheese Retailers. Keep reading to find out why
Meet ICR 2023’s pairing master: Knowles Green

Many dream of holding a place in the fine food retail industry – who wouldn’t love to share their passion for cheese with like-minded foodies? – yet for a large proportion, this dream remains unrealised.

Thankfully for Bollington locals Dagmara Sztompka and Mark Dent, they turned a long-held dream of working in the cheese and wine business into a reality in 2021 in the shape of Knowles Green Creative Tasting. 

“A unique twist on the corner store; Knowles Green is a shop brimming with fresh cheese, provisions, and a robust selection of wines from small producers offered by the glass to enjoy after work or on a Saturday afternoon while you shop,” explains Mark.

As cheese lovers themselves, the pair are uncompromising when it comes to the items they sell. The key component to any stocking decision? “Quality,” says Mark, “with a completely unbiased attitude to the cheeses we stock.”

Mark and Dagmara take their position as educators seriously, being sure not to rush their clientele when they’re pondering a purchase. “We encourage our customers to try before they buy, guiding them through a range of British regional classics and Continental essentials.

Since it opened in 2021, the business has quickly become recognised as a neighbourhood cheese and wine specialist where discerning customers can stop by for a cheeseboard and glass of wine – a boon for local customers and cheese-loving visitors, as well as for the team: “it’s total enjoyment to be able to work in an environment that you really love – it’s not really work,” explains Mark.

“One of the biggest challenges for Knowles Green is to keep on the pulse with the current trends,” explains Mark. “We are constantly reviewing our range and sourcing new products to stay fresh and interesting. Keeping our customers interests heightened is key to our development.”

Find out more about Mark and Dagmara at Knowles Green by downloading your free copy of Inspirational Cheese Retailers today!

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