20 April 2023, 07:30 AM
  • East Anglia-based Friday Street Farm Shop has won the title of Local Hero in Inspirational Cheese Retailers 2023 - find out why their story is so inspiring
Meet ICR 2023’s local hero: Friday Street Farm Shop

Friday Street Farm opened in the 1970s starting off with a small barn and quickly developing into the larger farm shop and kitchen it is today. The farm shop is located in Farnham, Suffolk, outside the small town of Saxmundham, towards the popular coastal town of Aldeburgh.

Now being run by the founders’ son James, with over one hundred years of farming experience the Blyth family have developed Friday Street Farm in a way that means their passion for producing quality local food and their connection with the land can be shared with a far wider community.

An experience like no other
Deli manager Toby Edwards has been with Friday Street since early 2015, starting off as a Saturday boy for the butchery and slowly working his way up. According to him, what makes the deli so special is the newly opened Cheese Room. “For one we are (at this moment in time) the only cheese room in Suffolk. We give the customers an experience like no other.

“I feel and from customer feedback as well, it is a more personal experience shopping in the cheese room. Also, our selection of cheese and being well known for stocking all the local cheeses and even the lesser-known cheeses that you might not be able to find anywhere else.”

His small team is certainly dedicated to providing the best possible service, motivated by the opportunity to work for a family-run business in the community and love
of fine food. “I feel it’s important when choosing a new member of staff to find to someone who is passionate for food and producing a high-quality service to our customers”, Toby tells Inspirational Cheese Retailers.

“One success of 2022 but also a challenge was building our team up to where it is now. Like most businesses, it is hard to find the right staff or even hold on to them throughout these current times. After interview after interview, we were finding it hard, but in the end, we did find our perfect fits.

“I fully believe our Cheese Room wouldn’t be where it is today without my colleagues Phil and Dean. I set up the cheese room and got the ‘behind the scenes’ things sorted, but the boys have come up with ideas that I missed myself and that has pushed sales and made the customer experience five star in our Cheese Room.”

Find out what’s in store for Toby and his team at Friday St Farm Shop in 2023 by downloading your free copy of Inspirational Cheese Retailers today!