20 February 2019, 10:13 AM
  • Indie retail is a key sector driving growth in sales of organics, according to the Soil Association's new Organic Market 2019 report
Indie organics sales grow 6.2%

In fact, growth in independent retail channels has clocked 6.2% over the last year, almost double that experienced at supermarket tills. The Soil Association cited better distribution via food hubs, an increasingly conscious consumer and indies’ fast reaction to the ‘unpackaged’ trend for the up tick in sales.

“Organic is in the right place to capitalise on many of the consumer trends we’re currently seeing across retail,” commented Clare McDermott, business development director at Soil Association Certification. “We know that more shoppers are looking to purchase sustainable products to reduce their impact on the planet, and this has combined with an increasing value being placed on transparency and traceability in the food system, more local and online shopping, and increasing interest in healthy options – where organic is often seen as a signpost to healthy choice.”

“Because organic is legally certified, shoppers can trust that the food they are buying has been produced with the utmost care for the environment, animals and land, as well as being fully traceable. Its encouraging that, despite uncertainties in the wider food and drink and non-foods sectors, more and more shoppers are turning to the organic symbol as one they can trust to deliver many of the assurances – environmental, nutritional and ethical – that they are looking for.”

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