Indies step up to support local communities

17 March 2020, 14:00 PM
  • Retailers across the country are offering home delivery services as self-isolation increases due to coronavirus
Indies step up to support local communities

As consumers face empty shelves and advice to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak, independent retailers around the country are providing home delivery services to provide supplies.

Retailers have been reaching out to local communities to provide food and drink for the most vulnerable people and those in self-isolation.

Lancaster-based The Courtyard Dairy announced on social media that it would be offering free local delivery to anyone self-isolating during these tough times. Owner Andy Swinscoe said, “Business has definitely instantly taken a knock. The local trade has held up fairly strong, but we do have a top-up from tourism which has taken a plunge. Being a rural small town, a lot of our customer base, particularly mid-week, are in the at-risk group. So we thought it prudent to open ourselves for them to be able to get hold of great cheese in the foreseeable future if they are told to self-isolate. Without this local trade we would struggle to survive so thought it best to act now!  We’re also going to flyer to all the local homes to that effect this week too.”

Liverpool-based independent restaurant and food hall Delifonseca has also announced that from today it will be delivering food bundles to customers in the local area. The business invites customers to compile their weekly shop from a range of essentials such as bread and milk to meats from Edge & Son Butchers and chilled deli counter items. Delifonseca chefs will also be recreating dishes from the restaurant menu to be eaten at home.

Proprietor Candice Fonseca calls for consumers to help “local independent businesses and producers stay afloat during these uncertain times” by utilising the service.

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