Small business owner launches online community

03 April 2020, 10:40 AM
Small business owner launches online community

Small business owner Mahbir Thukral of Mahbir Teas and Spices has created a free online community to help support local businesses during the coronavirus outbreak. Creative Locals gives SMEs the opportunity to share adjusted trading information and allows consumers to see which businesses they can buy from in their local area.

Mahbir says, “Many independents have taken creative measures into their own hands. They need to as it’s a matter of survival. I hope by setting up this platform, independents will be able to reach a much broader audience in their local communities and beyond. Furthermore, as we’ve seen with restaurants, the offer of many independents wouldn’t be applicable on such platforms like Deliveroo and Just Eat. Butchers, bakeries, florists, delicatessens and others also need a practical and effective outlet to engage with potential customers right now too. I hope that as more small businesses add their details and more and more consumers visit this platform, we’ll try to keep as many small businesses in business, as possible.

“One of the positives to have come out of the current coronavirus pandemic is the sense of community. We have renewed relationships with our neighbours, our surroundings and our local businesses. Community is so important right now because due to the necessary sacrifices that we should all be making, we have rediscovered the importance of people and relationships. Community supports us practically, emotionally and psychologically, whether it’s video calling with friends, seeking support from neighbours if we’re unable to leave the house to go shopping, or just being having a pleasurable conversation with a local shopkeeper. These basic moments of interaction have now become highly impactful daily highlights as we still try to adjust to spending extensive periods of time indoors in self-isolation.”

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