Learn how to go green with Sustainable Food Month

23 August 2021, 07:58 AM
Learn how to go green with Sustainable Food Month

Sustainable Food Month, brought to you by Speciality Food and anti-food waste app Too Good To Go, will kick off in October to educate, inspire and support the food and drink industry in realising the potential of sustainability.

As one of the most important topics in the food industry today, sustainability poses urgent questions for the sector, but it also offers opportunities for retailers, producers and wholesalers who are poised to act. The month-long initiative will shine a light on environmental achievements in the fine food sector and illuminate the ways that industry players can take responsibility for making the sector a more sustainable place. 

Businesses can expect to enjoy interviews with sustainability champions, hear insights from legends of the food industry, and receive step-by-step guides to becoming more sustainable. Whether you’re an eco specialist or a fine food business looking to do more to help the planet, you’ll find plenty to explore during Sustainable Food Month.

To register for updates, head to sustainablefoodmonth.com.

Ambient food producers with a passion for sustainability are also invited to take part in an exclusive opportunity to get their products in front of fine food retailers. Register at sustainablefoodmonth.com/producer.

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