The winners of the Great Stock Giveaway 2022 revealed

27 June 2022, 08:30 AM
  • Five retailers have won thousands of pounds worth of free stock as The Great Stock Giveaway, an initiative from Speciality Food, concluded this month
The winners of the Great Stock Giveaway 2022 revealed

The Speciality Food team has worked tirelessly over the past few months to organise the Great Stock Giveaway, which brings some of the best new products in the fine food industry to the shelves of independent retailers across the UK, from the Scottish Highlands all the way to Suffolk. 

Laura Roberts, owner of Laura’s Larder in Orpington, said “I could not believe it when I was called to be told I’d won the Great Stock Giveaway, I never win anything, I was totally thrilled!”

She continued, “When the ambient stock turned up, I felt like Christmas had come early, a huge range of products. As the days continued, the chilled products arrived like a series of surprises, all very good quality thanks to the supplier relationships that Speciality Food has. 

“We tested and stocked products accordingly. While there were some that wouldn’t suit my little store, there are others we have already placed an order for a second delivery of. The Great Stock Giveaway was a great way for me to discover new products, and everyone in the shop had a really positive feeling about all the brands we received.”

For Janet Williams, manager of Rothiemurchus Farm Shop in the Scottish Highlands, winning was a “complete shock”. She told Speciality Food, “When I entered, I had no idea that we could possibly win!

“We were surprised to see the size of the pallet that was delivered, and we did not expect that quantity of products. The variety and quality of products was amazing, from biscuits, soap, yogurts, to non-alcoholic ciders.

“A few of the items that were sent, we already had in stock or had previously ordered but many were completely new to us and would order in the future. We particularly found the energy drink The Horny Goat amusing and it sold rather well in the shop. Some products were rather unusual, and exciting for customers to see.

“It is a great opportunity for products and companies to branch out but also for retailers to get some new, exciting stock to try. I would definitely recommend retailers signing up as it is a fantastic competition, and it is all free so what is not to love!”

Similarly, Rachel Hardy, manager of Earsham Street Deli in Bungay was “absolutely thrilled” to win the Great Stock Giveaway. “The email notification actually came through the day after I went on holiday, so when this large pallet of goodies arrived on the doorstep of the deli the following week it was a total surprise to everyone. It felt like Christmas!”

Rachel continued, “We were blown away by the generosity with the samples and the diverse range of products sent, jams, chutney, drinks, crisps, pasta, chocolate, fish, yoghurts, even soap and so much more. 

“It wasn’t just one variety. In some instances, it was three or four we were sent which enabled us to display them to make a bigger impact on the shop floor. After the main delivery we then kept receiving random parcels, it was the gift that kept on giving!

“We have all enjoyed sampling the products, some we already stocked, some we had considered stocking and others which were totally new to us. It has provided a great opportunity for us to offer our customers new products, which we are always on the lookout for, and do tastings too, which always goes down well.”

After a challenging few years, The Great Stock Giveaway aimed to foster connections between fine food retailers and producers and provide small businesses with a much-needed treat.

Burwash Larder in Cambridge and Nicholson’s Butchers in Whitley Bay were also winners of the Great Stock Giveaway.

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