Get ready for spring with Italian cuisine

24 April 2023, 07:22 AM
  • Forget spring cleaning, stock up with Italian produce instead and reap the benefits
Get ready for spring with Italian cuisine

When shoppers think about Italian cuisine, they may conjure up images of pastel-coloured houses along azure seas, bustling markets with fresh fruits and vegetables, Aperol spritzes being enjoyed on sun-trap piazzas and windows full of rows of gelato.

While Britain arguably can’t compete with this paradise, fine food retailers are well-placed to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to UK consumers this spring.

In fact, spring is the perfect time for independents to spark a passion for Italian cuisine with the latest and greatest products. Revitalising your Italian offering for the season ahead can help bring lighter sauces and fresh products back to the fore.

As the weather improves, your customers will be looking for fresher options such as zingy basil pesto, zesty lemon and fresh, creamy cheeses. Sourcing seasonal vegetables grown in the UK will help customers add a local British twist to their favourite Italian dishes.

For example, fresh bunches of crunchy asparagus, spring greens, and globe artichokes adorning your storefront will tempt customers to try a variety of Italian dishes this spring, brought together with artisan pasta, risotto rice and shavings of Parmesan.

As fewer people spend on eating out in 2023 to save their disposable income, they will be looking to recreate restaurant-quality dishes at home, so make sure your shelves are stocked to the nines with these products.

Spring is a great time to embrace Italian cuisine, and as customers refresh their fridges and cupboards, giving them a gentle prod towards artisan food products can make all the difference this year.

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