20 November 2023, 09:56 AM
Innovative ACV drinks

The glucose revolution is upon us. Influencers and alternative health gurus are endorsing one of our most prescient revelations — the glucose hack. How the body breaks down glucose is apparently a concern for us all, not just diabetics and those with insulin resistance. With a regulated diet, we can all benefit from balanced glucose levels. Put simply, taking acetic acid (ACV) before starchy or carb heavy meals can prevent spikes and crashes we all feel but fail to understand. The mid-afternoon fog that sends you into the spirit world, barely able to return to earth before the day is over. Now Apeal Wörld ACV has hit the market and nailed a great tasting and affordable way to take your daily dose on the go. This drink has all the glucose benefits taken before meals, and helps maintain energy throughout the day.