Independent shopper: Callum Graham, Bohemia

29 March 2023, 14:50 PM
  • Callum Graham, head chef at Bohemia restaurant, shares his favourite local producers in Jersey with Speciality Food readers
Independent shopper: Callum Graham, Bohemia

Bohemia Restaurant is located on the incredible island of Jersey, in the Channel Islands. The restaurant sits within The Club Hotel & Spa, a luxury hotel in the heart of St Helier. We are extremely proud to be the only Michelin-starred restaurant on the island and to have held our Michelin star for 18 years.

Bohemia also holds a rating of Four AA Rosettes. We offer ever-changing seasonal tasting menus, including a surprise tasting menu and a set lunch, and we also recently added a new four-course menu too, of course, all served alongside an impeccable wine and cocktail list.

We are incredibly lucky to have a diverse bounty of local produce from the isle of Jersey, as well as from France, which is just 14 miles away. Our location means we’re really spoilt for choice, and I think Jersey truly is able to offer something quite unique and special in terms of food.

In my opinion, the fantastic thing about being able to use local ingredients is that you can get the full story behind them from start to finish.

People are becoming more aware and conscious of provenance these days and want to know these details, which is great, as I think it makes everyone (chefs in particular) work that much harder to source locally and really know where their ingredients have come from, and understand the story from field to plate.

For example, there are days when I may go out foraging with my dog, and it’s amazing what you can stumble across. I love that I can accidentally find something that I wasn’t even looking for, and then that evening it can be in a dish on our menu.

It’s a real privilege to live and cook somewhere where this is possible. It adds another level to the cooking, and it’s great to have a story to tell guests when serving a particular dish.

We work with so many amazing local producers at Bohemia, I really do feel lucky to have so many choices on our doorstep. Some local producers that we source from, just to name a few, include Woodlands Farm where we get the most amazing tasting Angus dairy beef; Homefields Farm and Anneville Farm for fresh fruit and veg that’s hand grown in small local farms; Fungi Delecti for fresh eggs and vegetables; Fresh Fish Company for seafood including the most fantastic tasting crab; and then there’s also Kaz who is a renowned local forager who brings us a never-ending selection of incredible ingredients.

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