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Charles Campion

Food writer and critic
  • “Getting authentic”

    10 October 2018 Fine Food
    As the world shrinks, thousands of traditional foreign recipes are out there begging to be adapted and improved.
  • “The sun has got his hat on”

    27 August 2018 Fine Food
    It has been an unusual summer
  • “It’s showtime”

    17 July 2018 Fine Food
    The news from the front is heartening: agricultural shows are enjoying a new lease of life.
  • “The power of telly”

    01 June 2018 Fine Food
    Hands up everyone who knew what Rendang was before Rendang Gate hit the 2018 MasterChef series…
  • “What’s in a name?”

    23 April 2018 Fine Food
    The weeks following the British Pie Awards are always a time for reflection
  • “Breaking fast”

    03 November 2017 Fine Food
    Next time you find yourself in a hotel breakfast room, take a look around at the other guests. This sensible folk will have got up early to tuck into double fried everything. Once upon a time everyone would have been...
  • “Some like it hot”

    29 September 2017 Fine Food
    Stand by to be swept away by a tide of melted stuff – cooked cheese is coming to town
  • “The march of the seasons”

    25 August 2017 Fine Food
    I have a guilty secret: I cannot bring myself to throw anything away. I feel happiest in my office surrounded by cookery books; their mere presence is comforting and I tell myself that I can just reach out and pluck...
  • “Cooking up trouble”

    07 July 2017 Fine Food
    Connoisseurs of the inappropriate one liner will be sad that Prince Phillip has withdrawn from his endless round of engagements. He recycled jokes mercilessly and showed little patience with the dignitaries he met. The Duke has an abrasive and inspiring...
  • “Flamin’ June”

    22 May 2017 Fine Food
    For anyone interested in cooking and eating, deciding which of the 12 months is best for food and drink is like picking a fantasy football team – it’s perfectly alright in theory but will soon be overwhelmed by events. November has...
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