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Charles Campion

Food writer and critic
  • “New year, new possibilities”

    04 January 2019 Fine Food
    In 2018, shopping as a pastime stumbled down a steep step and somewhere a hard-pressed hack staring at a screen full of emails had a lightbulb moment as he (or she) coined the phrase “the death of the high street”
  • “Watch out or the Krampus will get you”

    08 November 2018 Fine Food
    Christmas is just around the corner but it’s a fair bet that even the most fervent Brexit remainers are unlikely to be including Krampusnacht in their calculations.
  • “Getting authentic”

    10 October 2018 Fine Food
    As the world shrinks, thousands of traditional foreign recipes are out there begging to be adapted and improved.
  • “The sun has got his hat on”

    27 August 2018 Fine Food
    It has been an unusual summer
  • “It’s showtime”

    17 July 2018 Fine Food
    The news from the front is heartening: agricultural shows are enjoying a new lease of life.
  • “The power of telly”

    01 June 2018 Fine Food
    Hands up everyone who knew what Rendang was before Rendang Gate hit the 2018 MasterChef series…
  • “What’s in a name?”

    23 April 2018 Fine Food
    The weeks following the British Pie Awards are always a time for reflection
  • “Breaking fast”

    03 November 2017 Fine Food
    Next time you find yourself in a hotel breakfast room, take a look around at the other guests. This sensible folk will have got up early to tuck into double fried everything. Once upon a time everyone would have been...
  • “Some like it hot”

    29 September 2017 Fine Food
    Stand by to be swept away by a tide of melted stuff – cooked cheese is coming to town
  • “The march of the seasons”

    25 August 2017 Fine Food
    I have a guilty secret: I cannot bring myself to throw anything away. I feel happiest in my office surrounded by cookery books; their mere presence is comforting and I tell myself that I can just reach out and pluck...
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