20 January 2009, 14:12 PM
  • Led by Paul Lancaster, owner of Lancaster's Deli, in Colchester, a multitude of shop owners will be joining together for the first time to celebrate Purple Love Week from 14th to 21st February.

A national event targetted at independent retailers, Purple Love Week aims to put the fun back into retailing and extra pounds in cash tills up and down the country. With all the bad news currently in the retail sector, this event is likely to bring some welcome respite to the doom and gloom.

In Colchester, shoppers can expect to see windows adorned with purple balloons, streamers and products, while in-store shoppers can expect to see purple hair, faces and outfits. Lancaster’s Deli will be offering tastings of purple products on everything from beetroot juice to olives and chutney and it is even planning to launch a special ‘Purple Sarnie’ for the occasion!

Any independent retailer can get involved in the event and Paul Lancaster is looking to encourage shop owners throughout Colchester to join in. “For this to work, we need as many businesses involved as possible. Ideally, we want the whole of St Issac’s Walk and Eld Lane to go purple for a whole week – that will really get our tills ringing,” explains Paul.

Whether shops sell shoes, crafts or even fruit and veg, they can find some way to get involved in Purple Love Week and the more that get on board, the more money will come in.

“We are already making plans on the kind of events we are going to run for the week and have lots of ideas for other retailers. If we join together, I truly think it will make a difference,” concludes Paul.

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