01 November 2017, 03:19 AM
  • A good blue has long been a mainstay of the festive cheeseboard, but which should you stock this year? We ask cheese specialists Rowcliffe their pick of the bunch
Rowcliffe’s pick of the best blue cheeses

Cote Hill Blue: Lincolnshire’s finest award-winning hand-made soft blue cheese, produced by Michael and Mary Davenport. The cheese is hand-crafted with milk from their herd of 70 Friesian Holstein and Red Poll cows (cow, unpasteurised)

Perl Las: A blue cheese from a family of cheesemakers in West Wales. Creamy with slight saltiness, followed by the delicate lingering blue flavours. (cow, pasteurised, organic)

Stilton Colston Bassett: An iconic Stilton from one of the traditional makers. Rich cream colour with blue veining throughout. The texture is smooth, creamy and melts in the mouth (cow, pasteurised)

Shropshire Blue: A superb blue cheese alternative to the Stilton, with a rich orange curd, blue veining and a golden crust. Good with a rich fortified wine (cow, pasteurised)

Beauvale: An outstanding award-winning soft, mild blue English cheese – subtle, creamy and delicious. (cow, pasteurised)

Roquefort: A French cheese made with unpasteurised milk from sheep grazing in Les Causses mountains. It’s matured in the caves of Cambalou, in a village called Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. The result is a semi-soft, crumbly, white cheese with blue-green veins (ewes, unpasteurised)

Gorgonzola Piccante: Gorgonzola ‘Piccante’ DOP is a soft, sharp, aged blue cheese. Flavours are intense, pungent and spicy. It has a pale yellow compact, speckled with bluish-green marbling (cow, pasteurised)

Montagnolo: A rich, ‘triple cream’ soft cheese, surface-ripened from Germany. Aged at low temperature and cold maturation, it has a sweet aroma and a spicy rich flavour. Winner of World Cheese awards (cow, pasteurised, vegan)

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