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  • 5 Reasons To Label Properly

    07 June 2016 News
    Justin Tunstall, retail consultant and former Cheesemonger of the Year, shares his thoughts on the importance of thorough labelling
  • 5 Top Cheese Selling Tips

    5 Top Cheese Selling Tips

    18 May 2016 News
    Are you selling as much cheese as you could? Here are five quick reminders of how to stay on top of your game
  • 10 Ways To Run A Super Deli

    10 Ways To Run A Super Deli

    06 May 2016 News
    Want to stay ahead of the game? Robin Goldsmith shares his top tips
  • 9 Ways To Sell More Cheese

    9 Ways To Sell More Cheese

    28 April 2016 News
    Ruaridh Buchanan, founder of Buchanan's Cheesemonger, shares his expert advice
  • Retail School: Alternative Funding

    26 April 2016 News
    Want to avoid the banks? Paul Clapham explains how you can
  • How to Take Advantage of Tourism

    20 April 2016 News
    The latest data from the Office of National Statistics shows that visits to the UK are on the increase – but how can food and drink businesses capitalise on this? Anthony Davison at food and drink website offers his insight
  • Retail School: Funding 101

    Retail School: Funding 101

    12 April 2016 News
    If you are looking seriously at expansion or aiming to start up a new food business, £300 million is available if the business you are planning is located in rural England. This is newly available money which could cover 40% of your set up costs, and could well persuade you to firm up your expansion plans
  • How Selfridges Sells Summer Drinks

    05 April 2016 News
    Terry Threlfall, wine and spirits buyer at Selfridges, offers his insights into selling summer drinks
  • 5 Ways to Create a Food Community

    5 Ways to Create a Food Community

    24 March 2016 News
    As local food and drink website embarks on an ambitious food community project in the villages of Alconbury and Alconbury West, founder Anthony Davison offers his advice on building a food network in your local town or village
  • 6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Show Visit

    6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Show Visit

    29 February 2016 News
    It's show time and you'll find previews of three important shows, including Farm Shop & Deli, in the April issue. Shows are where you will find the stock that gives your store that point of difference. Here are six ways to make sure you get the most from the experience.

    * Avoid queues by registering for your show pass. Save money by booking travel and hotel early.

    * Obtain a floorplan, so you can locate your chosen exhibitors quickly

    * Write a bullet-pointed list of the information you need from the exhibitors. This way you avoid distractions and come away with what you need, not a bag of free samples

    * Mornings can be best for business, before the lunch time rush and the torpor of late afternoon

    * Don't spend all day on your feet. Stay alert and effective with short breaks for refreshment

    * Keep your goals in mind at all times. Use your lunch break to check progress and adjust your plans if you need to.
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