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  • 6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Show Visit

    6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Show Visit

    29 February 2016 News
    It's show time and you'll find previews of three important shows, including Farm Shop & Deli, in the April issue. Shows are where you will find the stock that gives your store that point of difference. Here are six ways to make sure you get the most from the experience.

    * Avoid queues by registering for your show pass. Save money by booking travel and hotel early.

    * Obtain a floorplan, so you can locate your chosen exhibitors quickly

    * Write a bullet-pointed list of the information you need from the exhibitors. This way you avoid distractions and come away with what you need, not a bag of free samples

    * Mornings can be best for business, before the lunch time rush and the torpor of late afternoon

    * Don't spend all day on your feet. Stay alert and effective with short breaks for refreshment

    * Keep your goals in mind at all times. Use your lunch break to check progress and adjust your plans if you need to.
  • 4 Event Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

    4 Event Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

    24 February 2016 News
    Hosting a live event is a great way to get the attention of clients and prospects says Sally-Jayne Wright. Here's just a few of the options
  • 8 Cheese Display Dos and Don’ts

    8 Cheese Display Dos and Don’ts

    17 February 2016 News
    Stuart Grant, partner at Cheeseworks, offers his cheese display advice
  • Selfridges: How We Sell Alcohol

    09 February 2016 News
    It's not for nothing that renowned drinks brands from across the world clamour to work with Selfridges. Head of wine Terry Threlfull tells us how it's done
  • How To: Alcohol Licensing

    How To: Alcohol Licensing

    05 February 2016 Drinks
    Fancy selling alcohol? Here's how to get started
  • Meat Education Programme Launched

    Meat Education Programme Launched

    20 January 2016 News
    AHDB Beef & Lamb has unveiled a free-to-use educational resource for the entire meat industry
  • Retail School: Making the Most of Your Windows

    Retail School: Making the Most of Your Windows

    21 December 2015 News
    Your windows are your biggest marketing tool. In today’s retail environment, it has never been more important to ensure that you are making a big impact, says Eve Reid of Metamorphosis Group
  • 4 Ways to Attract Custom

    4 Ways to Attract Custom

    01 December 2015 News
    If your footfall is stagnating, use this quick checklist to make sure you're not missing a trick
  • Continental Classics: Grana Padano

    Continental Classics: Grana Padano

    25 November 2015 News
    With an impressive history and unique taste, it's no wonder Grana Padano has stood the test of time. SF looks into the story behind the iconic cheese, and finds out how retailers can make the most of it
  • 5 Ways to Sell More Cheese

    5 Ways to Sell More Cheese

    19 November 2015 News
    We're all here to sell more cheese. Her are five ways to increase your turnover
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