The secret to making hosting heavenly this party season

29 November 2021, 08:10 AM
  • Inspired by a Greek heritage built on gathering with good food and good company, Dodoni Cheese Thins are a party food idea to be savoured

After 18 months of uncertainty, isolation and lockdowns, hosting is going to be more important than ever for Christmas 2021 as the party season looks set to be one of the busiest times for catching up with friends and family. 

Naturally, in the face of the pandemic, consumers are looking for something new, different and premium to get the party started! So Dodoni, Greece’s number one Feta producer, has launched a festive treat: Dodoni Cheese Thins. 

Taking inspiration from their Greek heritage, where it’s second nature for family and friends to drop by and where hosting is relaxed and extensive, Dodoni believes life’s most nourishing pleasures are also its simplest: to gather, to graze and to share the experience. 

Dodoni’s vision is for a snack-happy world where we savour and share together. With a focus on an appetite for life, Dodoni Cheese Thins let us share festive food and stories without missing out on anything.

Dodoni Cheese Thins are a premium savoury snack made from real Greek Feta PDO or Cypriot Halloumi cheese. The cheese thins are baked with the finest all-natural ingredients, and 60% of every snack is made from real cheese. Dodoni Cheese Thins are gluten-free and non-GMO with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians. They are available in 22g and 80g sharing bags. 

The four flavours include:

    Feta, Tomato & Oregano – A twist on a classic Greek flavour fusion with a sunny pop of tomato, a herby hit of oregano and delicious creamy Feta PDO cheese with the taste of the Mediterranean.
    Feta, Jalapeño and Chilli – Time to bring out the fiesta in Feta with a dose of jalapeño heat and a zap of chilli giving a bright kick to the smooth Feta.
    Halloumi Multi Seed – The finest Halloumi from Cyprus baked together with linseed, poppy and chia seeds to create a fusion of deep, delicious flavour thanks to the tangy Halloumi and nutty, crunchy seeds.
    Halloumi and Caramelised Onion – Savoury with a sweet edge, the perfect mix of caramelised onion sweetness and strong Halloumi.

For more than 60 years, Dodoni Feta has been legendary in Greece, and now the award-winning cheese and its creamy, moreish and slightly tangy taste has been combined with vibrant and fresh flavours. Alongside the Halloumi options, Dodoni Cheese Thins are great for snack lovers looking for a more indulgent treat with refined flavours from the Med. 

Halloumi and Feta are versatile cheeses that pair deliciously with all things fresh, fruity, savoury and sweet. The best snacks are much like the best stories: real, tantalising and even more delicious in good company. 

Everyone has a story in them, and the Dodoni way is to savour them. 

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