• Retail: New Health Label For Alcohol

    30 May 2007 News
    Retailers are backing a new label that will appear on alcohol drinks packaging from next year promoting responsible consumption and providing information on the number of units of alcohol within each bottle or can. It will also provide health advice for pregnant women.
  • Business: Get Online For Free

    29 May 2007 News
    Following on from the news that one in ten small businesses still do not have an online presence, companies can now take advantage of a free web domain name and website.
  • Report: Fruit & Veg Sales Rise

    29 May 2007 News
    According to new research from RTS, consumers are turning away from ready meals in favour of fresh fruit and veg.
  • Retail: Brc Calls For Road Charge Rethink

    25 May 2007 News
    The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is warning that, without proper investment in public transport, road user charging could lead to tumbleweed town centres and more problems for high street retailers.
  • Retail: Declare Your Independence

    24 May 2007 News
    UK independent retailers are gearing up for the first ever National Independents' Week (NIW), the campaign to promote local stores in their communities across the UK.
  • Retail: Fsa Targets Small Firms

    24 May 2007 News
    The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has warned small retail firms they should comply with the organisation's regulations or risk running into trouble.
  • Trends: Sheep Is The New Goat

    23 May 2007 News
    Waitrose is reported strong growth in sheep's milk cheese over the last year, confirming that shoppers are not enticed to try new things.
  • Farming: Bringing Children To The Farm

    23 May 2007 News
    A Tees Valley community farm has been awarded top marks for 'Countryside Classroom' as part of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme (CEVAS).
  • Retail: Latest Plans Fail High Streets

    22 May 2007 News
    ACS, the campaigning voice of over 33,000 local shops, has criticised the Government over its proposed weakening of the planning system to make it easier for large retail developments to be built outside town centres.
  • Report: Sat Fats Still A Mystery

    22 May 2007 News
    Consumers in the UK have a low level of differentiation between saturated and unsaturated fat, and are frustrated at the lack of clear front-of-pack information on food products, a FSA study has found.
  • Media: Food Promotion Goes On Air

    21 May 2007 News
    Food Radio, the newly-launched integrated web portal, pod casting and radio programming channel has joined forces with market development consultancy, Food from Britain (FFB), to provide regional food and drink producers with another channel to promote themselves to consumers.
  • Wine: Bumper Year For Uk Wine

    21 May 2007 News
    The 2006 production figures for English and Welsh wines have just been declared, showing that the UK produced one of their highest volumes on record.
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