• Fairtrade Sales Soar By 47%

    22 May 2008 News
    Worldwide consumers spent over 2.3 billion euros on fair trade certified products in 2007. This represents a 47% increase on the previous year and means that over 1.5 million producers and workers in 58 developing countries now benefit from fair trade sales.
  • New Approach For M&S

    21 May 2008 News
    Marks & Spencer is to trial an offering of some 350 branded products at 19 stores for the first time in its history.
  • Pm’s Plans On Flexible Working Will Hurt Small Firms

    16 May 2008 News
    The Prime Minister’s planned extension of the right to request flexible working together with new rules on agency workers could create an employment nightmare for small business owners, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) warns.
  • Price Of Food Up By A Fifth

    15 May 2008 News
    The cost of food staples such as bread, eggs, milk and butter has risen by 20% compared with a year ago, claims grocery comparison website
  • Grocery Sales Are Defying Credit Crunch

    13 May 2008 News
    Although the BRC is warning that comparisons are difficult because Easter fell in April last year and the weather was warm and sunny, whereas this year Easter fell in March and there was snow and rain, it does admit that underlying trade remained tough.
  • Controversial Staff Database To Be Launched This Month

    12 May 2008 News
    The National Staff Dismissal Register (NSDR), which aims at creating a database of retail employees fired for dishonesty, is being launched this May amid fears innocent victims might find it impossible to ever find another job.
  • Selling Sarnies Could Be A Lucrative Opportunity

    12 May 2008 News
    According to new research, Brits spend £5bn on sandwiches, with canny retailers piling on those lunchtime profits.
  • Waitrose To Open 100 Convenience Stores

    08 May 2008 News
    The upmarket chain, Waitrose, has decided to reach out for millions more shoppers and go head-to-head with its competitors' convenience outlets, Tesco Express and Sainsbury's Local.
  • Whole Foods Market Looks Set To Expand

    07 May 2008 News
    New details have emerged that Whole Foods Market is targeting new stores in three of the UK's largest cities.
  • Can Farmers Markets Save British Farming?

    06 May 2008 News
    The Real Food Festival brought the biggest producers market ever to Earls Court for four days last week, April 24th to 27th, with nearly 20,000 visitors coming to see the vast array of delicu with some of the most delicious produce available in the UK: it…
  • Study Shows All Is Not Bad Despite Credit Crunch

    02 May 2008 News
    New research shows that the economic slowdown hasn't hampered the performance of the grocery sector.
  • Grocery Sector Inquiry Is Slammed

    30 April 2008 News
    The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) said that small, independent shops have been let down by the Competition Commission in its inquiry into the grocery sector.
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