• Retail: Is Heavy Discounting The Future?

    07 January 2008 News
    Although there is evidence that consumers are seeking quality over price, new tactics from Tesco prove that the road to heavy discounting is still paved with gold.
  • Bouncing Back

    07 January 2008 News
    Andy Parritt at the Purely Cornish Deli and Farm Shop, in Looe, reflects on a difficult Christmas and looks ahead
  • Retail: Save Our Town Centres

    04 January 2008 News
    A consortium of environmental and public interest groups has called on the Government to take action to prevent the further decline of local independent shops and launched a list of measures to promote diverse and sustainable town centres.
  • Retail: 3,000 Shops Close In Seven Years

    03 January 2008 News
    In just seven years, 3,000 traditional butchers and fishmongers in the UK have gone out of business, according to figures from HMRC.
  • Retail: Call To Stop Factory Chicken

    02 January 2008 News
    The RSPCA is challenging retailers to sell only higher welfare chicken by 2010 in a new campaign starting today.
  • Report: Egg Research Could Spell Disaster

    02 January 2008 News
    Despite recent research stating that more consumers are looking to buy British, a new consumer survey has shown that up to 88% of British people would rather buy foreign free range than UK battery produced eggs.
  • Event: Do You Make Britain’s Best Banger?

    20 December 2007 News
    The challenge has been set, with butchers and food producers from across the West Midland vying for the accolade of tastiest sausage.
  • A Year In Business

    19 December 2007 News
    After 18 months of restoration, 2008 will mark the first full year for the Jug & Bottle at The Old School in Bubwith
  • Business: More Funding For Food In London

    18 December 2007 News
    The London Development Agency and London Food Link have launched a new £70,000 small grant scheme to help promote sustainable food events in the capital.
  • Older Generation Is The Route To Local Sales

    17 December 2007 News
    In recent years food scares such as BSE, E-Coli, Bird Flu and Foot and Mouth have left parts of British farming, particularly livestock, in crisis, hampering opportunities for trading abroad. However, in stark contrast, UK shoppers have reacted by looking to provide support to British farmers.
  • Industry: No Need For Trans Fats Ban

    14 December 2007 News
    The results of a review by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have shown there is no need for mandatory restrictions on the use of trans fats.
  • Event: Biofach - Your Gateway To Organic

    13 December 2007 News
    With approximately 2,600 exhibitors and 45,000 expected visitors, BioFach 2008, the World Organic Trade Fair and the organic world’s most important get-together, will set the scene for top quality food and carefree consumption.
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