Government drops plans to relax Sunday trading laws

24 June 2020, 12:19 PM
  • Decision comes as MPs voice concerns over the impact on local shops and the high street post-lockdown
Government drops plans to relax Sunday trading laws

The Government has dropped plans to relax Sunday trading laws after more than 50 Conservative MPs said they would vote against it, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Ministers had been considering relaxing the rules in order to allow people to shop for longer and provide a boost to retailers struggling after lockdown. It would have meant supermarkets in England and Wales could extend their opening hours on Sundays, which currently restrict trade to six consecutive hours between 10am and 6pm.

After the plan was originally revealed, people seemed to be divided over whether it would help the economy or cause further disruptions. Whilst a cross-party group of 40 MPs were in favour of the changes to help put high streets in a better position post-lockdown, others argued that it would place more pressure on employees whilst taking away business from small retailers that worked hard to keep communities going throughout the pandemic.

Now it seems the plan won’t be part of the Business and Planning Bill that’s set to be introduced to Parliament later this week. The news comes as over 50 MPs presented a signed letter to the PM warning that they were prepared to vote against the plans, which they said would “harm local shops and high streets”.

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