Inspirational Cheese Retailers 2023 is out now

04 April 2023, 14:07 PM
  • This year’s winners have been revealed in the 2023 edition of Inspirational Cheese Retailers – find out who they are by downloading your free copy today
Inspirational Cheese Retailers 2023 is out now

After carefully considering dozens of nominations from across the fine food industry, the Speciality Food team have selected 16 worthy winners to highlight in this year’s edition of Inspirational Cheese Retailers.

We are delighted to once again shine the spotlight on some of the most innovative, hardworking and applause-worthy cheesemongers across the UK. 

The past few years have demonstrated just how important these businesses and the people behind them are to the fabric of their communities’ lives, which makes this project all the more rewarding to undertake.

Especially in today’s challenging climate, the work the professionals we’re profiling within this issue is worthy of the spotlight, so download your copy to find out how the very best indie cheese sellers from across the UK – from London to Northern Ireland, the South West to Scotland, and beyond – are forging their own paths.

Download your copy for free here, and join us in championing cheese retailers celebrating the spirit of fine food retail.

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