04 November 2019, 13:26 PM
  • The aim of the tour is to bring the product to cities across Europe
The Ham Passion Tour showcases Spanish Iberian ham in the UK

The UK is one of the major international importers of Iberian ham and London was a prominent destination for this year’s Ham Passion Tour, a campaign which travels across Europe to bring Spanish Iberian ham to several European cities.

The Ham Passion Tour stopped in London for an event on the 23rd of October. The event also had the participation of renowned Spanish chef José Pizarro, whose 20 years of experience working in the British capital have earned him the title of ‘ambassador of Spanish cuisine in the United Kingdom’ appointed by the Spanish government.

Under the slogan ‘The Passion of Europe’ the campaign carries this key component of Spanish culture and tradition across Europe with the aim of highlighting the value of this delicious and unique product. The campaign is partly financed with aid from the European Union, which supports campaigns that promote agricultural traditions like that of iberian ham, as well as by the Asociación Interprofesional del Cerdo Ibérico.

Iberian ham is a gourmet product that is carefully produced in the south-west region of Spain. It comes from a specific breed of black Iberian pigs which are born and bred in the Dehesa region of the country. The Dehesa’s unique ecosystem is essential to the production of Iberian ham, as this is the only place where pigs can feed on the organic acorns found in the area that give Iberian ham its distinctive and flavoursome taste.

The lengthy curation process is carefully watched over to ensure that the final product gives consumers the delicious and unique flavour that characterizes Spain’s gastronomical crown jewel.

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