Upselling Christmas chutneys with Mark Kacary, The Norfolk Deli

11 October 2022, 14:40 PM
  • Mark Kacary, managing director at Norfolk Deli shares five top tips for upselling Christmas chutneys and pickles
Upselling Christmas chutneys with Mark Kacary, The Norfolk Deli

Is there anything that embodies Christmas more than a chutney (or two) with the festive cheese/charcuterie board? Probably not.

Christmas chutneys are often associated with the heady aroma of cinnamon, and spices. For us, it is all about offering local and seasonal produce. Our five tips for upselling chutney are:

- Introduce the concept of a chutney of the week (change these regularly) and place this near or alongside items it is ideally matched with.
- Be creative, use chutneys in any produce you might make internally. It needn’t be too exotic – we use local chutneys which offer something significantly different to the conventional Branston in terms of flavours and textures in our sandwiches. You might be amazed at how often somebody might ask what chutney was used in the sandwich because they want to recreate it.
- Invite your suppliers to come and do tastings. Create a mini farmer’s market atmosphere, either inside your shop or outside. Customers are creatures of habit, so make it your duty to break their habits from time to time.
- Create tasting notes to be displayed alongside the chutneys you want to promote/sell. Including details informing your customers what is in it, what it tastes like and what it would go well with takes away the guesswork for customers.
- Use social media, you might be surprised how many people will come in and buy something because of a good picture or two!

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