17 new food and drink products to stock this month

07 September 2023, 07:00 AM
  • Freshen up your fine food and drink offering with some of the latest releases for your fridges and shelves
17 new food and drink products to stock this month

From brand new products to the market, to exciting developments in existing lines, and innovative introductions to the fine food and drink sector, Speciality Food rounds up some of the launches you need to know about.

New wild venison jerky launches with five flavours

UK game specialist Wild and Game is tapping into nationwide demand for higher-protein, sustainable snacks, teaming up with Get Jerky to create a range of venison jerky.

With low food miles and no factory farming involved, wild venison is being embraced more than ever before by people who want their food choices to cause minimal damage to the environment.

Wild and Game (whose range includes venison ready meals, burgers and ready-to-cook meat) says the jerky is the perfect addition to the brand’s offering.

“We’re delighted to have worked with Get Jerky to launch these new products,” says co-founder Steven Frampton. “Jerky is an increasingly popular snack, and it’s ideal to carry with you when you’re out and about, so it made sense to launch a venison version.”

Five flavours are available in on-the-go 40g packs, from BBQ to Devil’s Wrath – not for the faint-hearted.

Tinned autumn panettones launch just in time for Halloween

Eighth generation family business, Lazzaroni, has just brought two new panettones to market, with a view to tap into the increasing popularity and rise in celebration of Halloween.

Available from Sacla, each panettone is made with care in Saronno near Milan to a traditional recipe, with the family saying the cakes (sold in seasonally-decorated tins) are ideal for sharing at home as the weather cools down, or gifting.

The Apple & Cinnamon variety is studded with candied apple, apple slices and a generous hand of cinnamon, while the unique Pumpkin Panettone is uniquely filled with candied pumpkin and pumpkin cream.

A juicy new addition to Fever-Tree’s low calorie line-up

Tonic and grown-up soft drink specialist Fever-Tree has just launched the newest flavour in its low calorie range – Sparkling Cloudy British Apple with a twist of Garden Mint.

Crisp, bittersweet Dabinett apples sourced from 200-year-old Stocks Farm on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border, are juiced and combined with fresh Moroccan garden mint, and the end result is fresh, juicy and subtly sweet, coming in at 20 calories per 100ml. Marketing director, Saskia Meyer, says, “Apple is a British flavour we all know and love. It’s nostalgic, and for so many people it’s one that stems right back to childhood. As an adult, however, it’s hard to find an apple-flavoured soft drink that isn’t too sweet or crafted for children.

“We wanted to change that by elevating the classic flavour the Fever-Tree way. We specifically sought out cider apples from England’s iconic shire counties which are typically less sweet. Then, we added complexity and a hint of sophistication with the addition of Moroccan mint. Where we have landed is something that is delicious, refreshing and unashamedly adult.”

Isle of Harris Distillery to release first whisky this month

Long-awaited single malt Scotch whisky, The Hearach, produced at the Isle of Harris Distillery, will be showcased at a private, live-streamed launch on 22nd September, before sales go live for UK retailers the following day, and for global stockists in October.

It is the first legal dram from the island, with every drop distilled, matured, married and bottled in Harris by a team of local staff.

The Hearach has been strongly influenced by its Outer Hebridean island home, and its bottle (designed by leading agency, Stranger & Stranger) will not be revealed until the launch.

Managing director, Simon Erlanger, says, “It’s been 15 years since Burr Bakewell formed the Isle of Harris Distillery Company. We’ve always said that the whisky would be ready when it’s ready, so it’s a big moment to finally announce a launch date, which will be the distillery’s eighth birthday.”

Executive chairman and chief financial officer, Ron MacEachran, adds, “The Hearach’s launch, eight years after the distillery opened, is a wonderful tribute to the efforts and support of so many people – the designers and builders of the distillery, the countless people from the island community and beyond who have supported us in different ways over the years, our investors who supported a long term vision of regeneration predicated on the creation of a distinctive whisky and – above all – the wonderful team.”

Caraboo introduces the UK’s first menopause-friendly ‘not choc’ bars

Sweet treat innovator Caraboo has just brought a collection of low sugar, vegan confectionary bars to market, aimed at perimenopausal and menopausal women.

Some research shows that caffeine (a common stimulant found in everything from coffee, to fizzy drinks and chocolate) can heighten perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms such as anxiety and mood swings.

Caraboo’s bars are formulated with carob, naturally caffeine-free, 45% lower in sugar than regular milk chocolate, and contain no gluten or dairy.

They’re available in five flavours – Coconut, Orange, Mint, Salted Caramel Nutty and Raspberry & Honeycomb Crunch – and come wrapped in home compostable packaging.

Founder, Charlotte Miller, says, “We understand the challenges faced by menopausal women, and Caraboo is committed to providing them with a chocolate alternative that tastes amazing. Our choc bars offer a delicious and indulgent treat without the potential side effects of caffeine or high sugar, allowing women a permissable snacking experience while supporting their wellbeing during this transformative stage of life.”

The brand supports stockists with a range of promotional materials.

Peter’s Yard adds to cracker collection

Artisan cracker and crispbread producer Peter’s Yard has added another new flavour to its successful sourdough cracker line.

Following the success of the summer Oregano & Olive Oil launch, the brand has just introduced Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed. A spokesperson says, “With an inherent nutty flavour and subtle sweetness, the Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed crackers are the perfect partner for mature cheeses, such as Cheddar and aged Gouda.”

The award-winning range also includes Original, Fig & Spelt, Rosemary & Sea Salt, Poppy Seed, Pink Peppercorn, and Rye & Charcoal varieties.

New Greek-inspired gin from Masterchef winner

Greek chef and 2019 Masterchef winner Irini Tzortzoglou has just launched a new Mediterranean-inspired gin alongside the award-winning Shed One micro distillery at Ulverston, on the edge of the Lake District.

Yiayia, a London Dry gin, has been in development for many months, with Irini joining forces with Shed One founder Zoe Arnold-Bennett to source, test and trial botanicals that evoke the flavours of Irini’s homeland of Crete.

The resulting all-female led creation is, says Irini, an homage to the strong women who helped her forge a career in professional cooking. Yiayia (which translates as ‘grandmother’) is a term of endearment and love, and the gin has been distilled with evocative ingredients – from vine and fig, to olive, lemon leaves and rose pelargonium, with a savoury edge from seaweed, mushroom and oregano.

Irini says, “I’m very proud of Shed One encapsulating all the flavours and aromas of my Cretan home in Yiayia Gin. It’s a very special gin. Their ethos when it comes to highlighting and showcasing local ingredients from the beautiful Cumbrian countryside is very much in sync with my love for foraging and my own food culture. Through our conversations Zoe picked up on how grateful I was to both my grandmothers for their impact on my life and my culinary journey.”

Opening up with herbal, savoury notes, the spirit has a smooth mouthfeel, and lingering citrus notes that make it ideal as a sipping gin, or as a classic serve with tonic.

Female-led start-up introduces sparkling wine in a can

Tapping into research [Nielson Total Market) revealing the 17% year on year growth of canned sparkling wine, compared to 8% in miniature sparkling bottles, female-led London start-up, Nice Drinks has just brought to market its first 250ml vegan Sparkling Wine (10% ABV)

“We’re here to celebrate the wins in people’s lives, no matter how big or small the occasion,” says co-founder Lucy Bask. “We created this sparkling white wine for a night out with a sparkly outfit, all the way through to celebrating on the sofa with a takeaway.”

Nice sources its collection (including canned Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec and Pale Rose) from wineries the team love, with the intention, they say, of making good wine more accessible and less intimidating. The brand’s sparkling cans are produced with Spanish Airen from La Mancha.

The UK’s first adaptogenic honey comes to market

Artisan honey brand Honey Heaven has reacted to growing consumer demand for adaptogenic products by launching the first Mushroom Honey onto the UK market.

The jars are filled with organic Hungarian acacia honey combined with a mix of seven organic mushroom varieties reported to have wellbeing benefits – reishi, chaga, shitake, maitake, lion’s mane, cordyceps and tremella.

The mushrooms (all grown in Hampshire) are freeze-dried, powdered and blended before being stirred into the honey. Freeze drying, rather than dehydrating, is an important part of the process, retaining up to 90% of the mushrooms’ potent qualities.

The brand says the resulting taste is sweet, with a rich ‘cocoa’-like essence, and no savoury, vegetal notes (as customers might expect).

Honey Heaven founder, Silvia Mocasari, says, “Products containing adaptogens, like the medicinal mushrooms in our honey, are already very popular because they are entirely natural, so the positive effects they have on the body are gentle and entirely natural too. 

“More and more people have become health conscious, particularly since the Covid pandemic. Medicinal mushrooms fit the bill exactly with their wonderful health-boosting properties.”

Some research shows adaptogenic mushrooms can help lower cortisol levels, with other benefits including the prevalence of natural polysaccharides which support the immune system and boost energy. Honey Heaven produces a range of infused honeys, crafted with ingredients that have health-giving properties. In addition to Mushroom Honey, they include Turmeric in Honey, and Organic CBD Infused Premium Honey. Some of the range is available in miniature 40g jars.

Chilli Mash Co spices up range with plant-based Buffalo Wings Hot Sauce

Vegan sauce maestro, the Chilli Mash Co, has recently introduced a new 100% natural Buffalo Wings Hot Sauce. Available in 150ml bottles, the sauce balances chilli heat with smoothness from the brand’s favourite vegan butter. They say it’s a zippy, fiery addition not only to wings, but burgers, tacos, fajitas and more, with just a few drops required to bring a flavour party to town.

Natt Boarer, CEO of Chilli Mash Co, says, “Chilli Mash Company has been at the forefront of developing vegan, alternative condiments for the past six years. Not only do we love the challenge of producing replicating flavours using alternative ingredients, but we believe that everyone, whether on a plant-based diet or otherwise, should be able to experience the full intensity of all flavours.

“We’re proud of this sauce, which provides a new level of authenticity, whilst also being suitable for those on lactose-free diets.”

Try the UK’s first drinks carton with a paper straw (in paper packaging)

The eco message is strong in award-winning fruit juice brand Flawsome!’s newest product. Each of the Wonky Fruit Water Cartons is packaged with a paper straw, wrapped up in paper packaging, in a bid to help reduce single-use plastics in this sector.

This new packaging supports the brand’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint, while providing an alternative option for children’s lunchboxes – with no added sugar.

Since the UK government announced a ban on single-use plastic straws, companies have made the switch to paper, however the ability to continue to package in plastic has been viewed by commentators as flawed. Flawsome!’s paper wrappers have already helped save 252kg of plastic from landfill, and contributed to the brand’s carbon footprint being 50% lower than the average small juice company. 

Adding to its sustainable credentials, the drinks are only made with ‘wonky’ fruit, which could otherwise go to waste.

Co-founder Karina Sudenyte, says, “We’re really excited to finally introduce both our new range of Wonky Fruit Water Drinks, and revolutionary paper straws in paper packaging. We pride ourselves on being innovators within sustainability, and prioritise this throughout the business.”

The drinks are vegan, contain vitamins D and C, and come in Apple, Mango & Sweet Orange, and Sweet Apple & Sour Cherry flavours.

Yorkshire artisans develop new bread dipper

North Yorkshire-based Charlie & Ivy’s - which makes dips, flavoured oils and mayonnaise with award-winning cold-pressed rapeseed oil from parent company, Breckenholme – has announced a new dip, ideal for snacking.

The Chilli, Balsamic, Oregano and Thyme Bread Dipper is the brand’s first new flavour in three years, combining warm chilli and herbs with a touch of sweetness from the vinegar.

Jason Thompson, part of the development team, says, “The brief was to create a grazing must-have, and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.

“It’s delicious served simply with warm, crusty bread, and can also be used to drizzle over salads, pasta or pizza, and makes an amazing base for roasting veggies.”

Kombucha maker squeezes out a juicy new flavour

One the UK’s leading kombucha brands, Remedy Kombucha, has just launched a new flavour – Orange Squeeze.

Available in 250ml and 330ml can formats, the kombucha is free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, while being laden with beneficial functional additions – live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants – that are reported to support gut health.

The kombucha is made in a 30-day brewing process, which enhances its complex flavour. Across the market, kombucha is seeing rabid growth as shoppers actively cut back on sugar. Remedy’s own research showed the kombucha category as expanding a rate of 22% year-on-year.

Orange Squeeze is available now alongside the existing flavours – Cherry Plum, Raspberry Lemonade, Ginger Lemon, and Wild Berry. Remedy Kombucha can be stored ambiently and chilled before consumption.

New single-serve prebiotic yoghurts come with scientific backing

Gut-friendly yoghurt brand Bio&Me, created by The Gut Health Doctor (Dr Megan Rossi), has just launched a series of single serve pots, ideal for on-the-go snacking.

Available in 130g portions, in Original and Vanilla flavours, the products brim with billions of live active cultures – reportedly more than any other yoghurt in the UK.

Approximately 18 different culture strains are present, including Dr Rossi’s favourites, BB-12 and LGG.

The products contain no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, thickeners or emulsifiers, are low in lactose, high in protein, and a source of calcium, B12, B2 and phosphorus.

Bio&Me is the only brand currently able to carry the Good for your Gut health claim, due to its EFSA-approved ingredient, backed by clinical trials.

Dr Rossi says, “Enjoying yoghurt regularly has been linked with enhanced health benefits compared to the milk it comes from (ie unfermented dairy). This is down to the combined actions of the fat, proteins, calcium and bacteria.

“The bacteria helps transform the fats and proteins into beneficial chemicals. In fact, studies have shown consuming the right kind of yoghurt is linked with a healthy weight, better bone health, healthy immunity, heart health, and reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes. One study found those who consumed 80g of yoghurt a day had a 14% lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than those who didn’t eat any.”

Sustainable rice brand hits shelves across the UK

Nice Rice, a new sustainably farmed rice brand, has launched a mission to create a demand for better rice without compromise on taste or convenience.

The impact of rice production on the environment has been well documented, with some research calling it out as the second highest emitter of greenhouse gases in global food production. It also uses more water than other crops (63 full bathtubs per 1kg).

Nice Rice sources from a group of farmers whose method (which achieves a 49% reduction in CO2-equivelent emissions per tonne compared to the natural average) is endorsed by the UN and IPCC for being significantly more sustainable, and with a 10% improvement on yield.

Additionally, the method reduces the water used for irrigation by 3,300 litres per kilo of rice.

Known as ‘alternate wetting and drying’ (AWD), farmers allow their paddy fields to dry out during the growing season, rather than permanently flooding. This aerates the soil, disrupting the methane-emitting bacteria that thrive in anaerobic conditions.

Founder Fergus O’Sullivan spent two years researching farms and supply chains. He says, “Our goal is to inspire people to be part of a positive change for the planet by connecting pioneering farmers with people looking for more sustainable ways to enjoy their food. We’re confident that our products provide better-tasting rice, that’s better for the planet, and we’re trying to be a better kind of business too.”

Nice Rice’s range includes single heritage white and wholegrain dry Basmati, as well as ready-to-heat rice packs in flavours such as Chipotle and Provencal Herb.

Clear pre-mixed Margarita is a UK first

As Tequila-based drinks take off this season, renowned mixologist Deano Moncrieffe reveals his, new to the UK, clear margarita to the market. 

Mirror Margarita’s recipe is taken directly from the menu of Deano’s bar Hacha, blending 100% premium Agave Blanco Cazcabel Tequila with citrus oils and malic acid (produced naturally by the agave plant), for a sweet-sour taste with a hint of grapefruit.

Available for retail from this month, the 500ml RTD bottles each contain five serves at 15% ABV. Once opened they should be refrigerated, but will keep for 12 months.

Agave expert Deano, known for his forward-thinking approach to the spirits industry, created the brand with his partner Emma Murphy. He says, “We are so excited to have our bar quality signature serve made available to audiences nationwide. We have always believed there is a gap in the market for a premium RTD cocktail which is expert-led, so people who are time poor but love good quality drinks can enjoy them without any fuss at home. What’s more, we believe the new product will resonate with people who are already fans of Mexican spirits, but also the innovation behind the recipe, with its crystal-clear appearance, will intrigue new audiences.”

Premium Movenpick hazelnut spreads now available for UK retail

Speciality food importer Empire Bespoke Foods has just launched Movenpick’s luxury hazelnut spreads into UK retail.

Both products, Original Hazelnut Cream and Hazelnut & Milk (available in 300g jars) are made without colours or preservatives, and are 100% palm oil free. They’re packed with whole nuts, which have been expertly roasted to bring out their full flavour, and can be sold to be enjoyed as part of a breakfast offering, crepe, pancake or waffle service, or as an addition to bakes and cakes.

Junior brand manager at Empire, Benjamin Moody, says, “The Swiss brand Movenpick is extremely high quality and well known around the world, so it is a great opportunity for Empire Bespoke Foods to launch these into the market.”

Hazelnut Cream is made with 20% hazelnuts and cocoa, while Hazelnut & Milk is a thick, white cream with 10% whole roasted hazelnuts and milk.

Mini FATSO bars to-go are ready for retail

Quirky independent chocolate brand FATSO has shrunk its key range into a series of miniature bars perfect for the travel, hospitality, on-the-go and office catering sectors.

Available now, the 40g bars come in 100% recyclable boxes with a home compostable flow wrap inside, and are made with single-origin cacao from family-owned Luker’s Chocolate in Colombia, which has been awarded the highest chocolate classification – Fino De Aroma.

Flavours in the range include Home Run (60% cacao with chunks of salted pretzel, whole almonds and honeycomb), Nan’s Stash (70% cacao with peanuts, toffee and digestive biscuits), and Kings Ransom (60% cacao with whole pistachios, cocoa nibs and mint).

Co-creator, Ella McKay, says, “At FATSO we believe chocolate, like life, should be less savoured and more devoured. We’re all about the big chunk, which is why when we launched our delicious bars, we did so with a big bar weighing in at 150g. Our decision to go big on mini bars is in response to a clear demand for a big chunk in a smaller eat, for those afternoon pick-me-ups, highflying snacks and mini bar moments.”


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