Speciality Bites with

Paul Hargreaves

Chief executive of Cotswold Fayre
  • Why do we not have more inspirational leaders?

    10 May 2021 Speciality Bites
    I start off the introduction to my new book, The Fourth Bottom Line, by asking why we do not have more inspirational leaders in our lives. I have asked the question at least 100 times in interviews over the year...
  • Leadership

    04 May 2021 Speciality Bites
    Returning to a familiar theme again this week, and how could I not with my new book about good leadership being published on Thursday 6th. More later on that.
  • Today

    26 April 2021 Speciality Bites
    If the pandemic and lockdown have taught us anything it has been to slow down and reflect more. Even for those who haven’t been furloughed and have been working harder than ever, we have had our travel and nights out taken...
  • Better Business

    19 April 2021 Speciality Bites
    A frequently asked question in my interviews and podcasts is, “How has being a B Corp benefitted you as a business?”
  • Stress & Worry

    12 April 2021 Speciality Bites
    No doubt for some today is the day they have been waiting for, as they can finally open their businesses for the first time since Christmas, but for others who have created a new business or adapted an existing business...
  • Leadership

    29 March 2021 Speciality Bites
    There is an interview question I have been asking for around 15 years, “Who (outside your family) has most inspired you in either your personal or work life?”
  • Variety is the spice of life

    22 March 2021 Speciality Bites
    Never has a saying been truer than that. With many of us having less variety in our lives than ever for the past year, with the year anniversary of lockdown tomorrow, let’s briefly explore this week how to invigorate our lives...
  • How misogynist is our society today?

    15 March 2021 Speciality Bites
    Two events happened last week that shed light on different answers to this question.
  • Climate change – why aren’t more of us freaking out?

    08 March 2021 Speciality Bites
    To most of us it is undeniable that we are now in an age of potentially irreversible climate change and damage to our planet. Weather patterns are more unpredictable than ever. Species are dying at the fastest ever rate. Wildfires...
  • B Corps – a Growing Movement

    01 March 2021 Speciality Bites
    When I first heard of B Corps back in 2013 from Ed Perry, Co-Founder of Cook, I thought the name sounded rather American and wondered what on earth he was encouraging me to become involved in. However, after exploring further...
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