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Justin Tunstall

Retail consultant, shares with us his cheese selling experience
  • “I signed up for origami class, but it folded…”

    15 March 2016 Town Crier
    Last week I did two things out of character: I bought cheese from a supermarket, and I watched a ‘RomCom’. I won’t name the shop; the film was Love Actually
  • “Keeping It Fresh”

    29 January 2016 Town Crier
    When we have a winning formula, we can be resistant to changing it. There’s an often quoted two year time period during which new businesses will succeed – or fail
  • “The Gong Show”

    21 December 2015 Town Crier
    Pass me my white coat and my cheese iron: let’s go cheese judging!
  • “What’s in the recipe?”

    06 November 2015 Town Crier
    I’ve a pension that matures next year – I know I don’t look that old, but my byline mugshot was flatteringly lit and goes back a year or two, just like the one I used on the dating site where I met...
  • “Pedanticism – pedantry, actually!”

    20 October 2015 Town Crier
    What does one do when a customer is just plain wrong? During the August melee I had somebody in the shop who was adamant that he didn’t want Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, but her Cheddar
  • “Train staff and they leave; but even worse – don’t train them and they stay “

    24 August 2015 Town Crier
    My wife is a physiotherapist (good call, eh?) and is obliged to demonstrate ‘continuing professional development’ in order to renew her accreditation
  • “What’s in a name?”

    07 July 2015 Town Crier
    How do you describe your shoppers? Recently I participated in a marketing workshop where I was asked how I defined my customers, both actual and potential
  • “Rep relationships”

    21 May 2015 Town Crier
    Are you now, or have you ever been, a rep? I was for a number of years, with responsibility for selling advertising in newspapers that had circulations in the millions (it was the 1980s), both in the US and the...
  • “Share the love”

    27 April 2015 Town Crier
    I'm unlikely to tempt customers from the multiples on price or on convenience. Our tiny store is very specialist, and as we say on our website, parking is a nightmare! Nope, what helps win trade for us is a triumvirate...
  • “Play to your strengths”

    20 March 2015 Town Crier
    Small business owners need the versatility of Swiss Army knives. The variety of skills that we have to deploy during the average month is dazzling
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