Town Crier with

Justin Tunstall

Retail consultant, shares with us his cheese selling experience
  • “Everyone’s a winner”

    22 January 2020 Town Crier
    I should apologise for lumbering you with that earworm from Hot Chocolate, but it may be a welcome replacement for Slade, Cliff or whichever tune preoccupied your earlobes over the Christmas trading period.
  • “Myths and legends of Turophilia”

    20 November 2019 Town Crier
    Have you heard the one about Henry VIII and the washed-rind cheeses?
  • “When ‘cheese’ is not cheese”

    06 November 2019 Town Crier
    I took a call just as I was about to sit down for the judges’ lunch at Nantwich. It was from a friend of over 50 years and historically, a great customer at my cheese shop.
  • “Don’t disrespect the Cheddar”

    25 September 2019 Town Crier
    Recently an old friend, now resident in France, forwarded a local newspaper piece to me (thankfully in English), that told the sorry tale of a Michelin-starred chef who had asked to be removed from the Michelin Guide because they’d accused him...
  • “Black and White thinking”

    08 August 2019 Town Crier
    Last time around I suggested trumpeting the benefits of the produce we offer, and the importance of conveying its taste and of making each purchase viscerally appealing.
  • “We’re a resourceful bunch”

    17 May 2019 Town Crier
    It’s almost exactly 10 years ago that I sat down to create the first business plan for my cheesemonger.
  • “Waxing lyrical”

    12 February 2019 Town Crier
    On a family holiday to Normandy in 1965, my parents and their adult friends were hugely excited by Livarot and Camembert – seldom seen back home in Hampshire.
  • “What a wonderful world”

    07 January 2019 Town Crier
    I was one of 235 judges at mthe recent World Cheese Awards,held in Bergen, Norway
  • “In praise of the PDOs – Defra, sort it PDQ!”

    08 November 2018 Town Crier
    When I first travelled to the USA in the 1970s, I was amazed to see “Californian Champagne”.
  • “Teamlist”

    10 October 2018 Town Crier
    I have an inkling of how Gareth Southgate, or perhaps the England Test selectors, might have felt when a key member of their team pulled a hamstring or twisted an ankle.
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