Town Crier with

Justin Tunstall

Retail consultant, shares with us his cheese selling experience
  • “Don’t disrespect the Cheddar”

    25 September 2019 Town Crier
    Recently an old friend, now resident in France, forwarded a local newspaper piece to me (thankfully in English), that told the sorry tale of a Michelin-starred chef who had asked to be removed from the Michelin Guide because they’d accused him...
  • “Black and White thinking”

    08 August 2019 Town Crier
    Last time around I suggested trumpeting the benefits of the produce we offer, and the importance of conveying its taste and of making each purchase viscerally appealing.
  • “We’re a resourceful bunch”

    17 May 2019 Town Crier
    It’s almost exactly 10 years ago that I sat down to create the first business plan for my cheesemonger.
  • “Waxing lyrical”

    12 February 2019 Town Crier
    On a family holiday to Normandy in 1965, my parents and their adult friends were hugely excited by Livarot and Camembert – seldom seen back home in Hampshire.
  • “What a wonderful world”

    07 January 2019 Town Crier
    I was one of 235 judges at mthe recent World Cheese Awards,held in Bergen, Norway
  • “In praise of the PDOs – Defra, sort it PDQ!”

    08 November 2018 Town Crier
    When I first travelled to the USA in the 1970s, I was amazed to see “Californian Champagne”.
  • “Teamlist”

    10 October 2018 Town Crier
    I have an inkling of how Gareth Southgate, or perhaps the England Test selectors, might have felt when a key member of their team pulled a hamstring or twisted an ankle.
  • “Seeing stars”

    28 August 2018 Town Crier
    I love food awards. I enjoy helping organise them and judging at them; I spend about 30 days a year on awards-related activity
  • “Cold comfort”

    17 July 2018 Town Crier
    Do you have your own fallout shelter? I’ve never worked anywhere that believed me so indispensable to the rebuilding of civilisation that they allocated me a place in a bunker.
  • “Homing in on the range”

    01 June 2018 Town Crier
    I spent a happy morning proofreading the entries for this year’s British Cheese awards
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