Town Crier with

Justin Tunstall

Retail consultant, shares with us his cheese selling experience
  • Supplier etiquette

    12 September 2014 Town Crier
    It’s comparatively easy to deal with wholesalers and distributors: one order and a single delivery means that a variety of goods come into store in an efficient manner
  • The pros and cons of sampling

    29 August 2014 Town Crier
    "Got any more of that Benly?" she asked, a clutch of small children in tow, all of whom had had a run at my generously-filled sampling dish of Beenleigh Blue – a great ewe's cheese from Ticklemore – and now no...
  • Supporting charitable causes

    11 July 2014 Town Crier
    They come into the shop, usually on a busy Saturday, and join the cheese queue. They don’t look at the cheeses, but have an air of urgency that prompts me to pick up the pace and deal more swiftly with the...
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